Is Back Market Legit?

What do trustworthy websites think about Back Market? Are we legit?

is back market legit

Lots of people are asking if Back Market is legit

Is Back Market legit? Looks like a lot of people are asking this question. And since we are Back Market, of course we’re going to say that Back Market is legit! But there is a lot of information floating out there on the web talking about us, and we just wanted to point you to a few sources which we feel portray an accurate description of what it’s like purchasing and using one of our products.

How good are our mint condition products?

There are a lot of websites writing about us, but not as many that have actually reviewed one of our mint condition products. But here we just wanted to give a special shoutout to iMore, The Inventory, and Forbes for taking the time to review our phones and answer the question that everybody wants to know the answer to: is Back Market legit?

iMore finds out if Back Market is legit

iMore got their hands on one of our iPhone 11’s for sale, and you can check out what they thought about our whole buying experience by checking out the following link:

iMore answers if Back Market is legit

The Inventory gives us a test run

The Inventory is another website that was curious to give Back Market a test run and see if we could live up to our promises, check out their review of a refurbished iPhone 8 below:

The Inventory investigates if Back Market is legit

Forbes talks about the Back Market brand

Want an article that focuses more on our brand or website architecture? Then consider clicking on the following link to a Forbes article:

Forbes gives a quick review of Back Market

Still having a hard time deciding if Back Market is legit?

Still having a hard time deciding if you want to shop for a refurbished device on You needn’t fret, because if you’re not satisfied with one of our devices, you have 30 days to send it back for a full refund. And if you’re afraid of perhaps the device not working well after some time, you’ll be relieved to hear that all of our refurbished phones (and just about everything for sale on the website) come with a minimum 1-year warranty, with some offers even coming with an upgraded 2-year warranty. Happy shopping :) 

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