5 tips buying a MacBook

5 Tips for Buying a Used or Refurbished Laptop or MacBook

Our 5 secrets to buying a refurbished laptop or MacBook

5 Things to Remember When Buying a Used or Refurbished Laptop

When you have companies like Apple pump out a new version of MacBook or iPhone every year, older versions become much more available. This is exactly why purchasing a refurbished laptop is a solid choice—as long as you do the research and carefully consider what you need. Check out some of our tips and reminders before you spend money on a refurbished or used laptop!

1. Refurbished, Used, and Factory Recertified Laptops: What's the Difference

When it comes to buying a new laptop, it’s important to clarify what to spend and what to expect. Whether you’re looking to buy a refurbished Macbook versus a used Macbook, know that they aren’t the same. This applies to any device that is labeled as refurbished, used, or factory recertified. 

If you’re buying a used laptop, you can expect that the product is being sold as is, without fixes, changes, or upgrades. This is probably the most risky option for purchasing a laptop of any kind. 

When it comes to refurbished or factory recertified devices, buyers can shop with more confidence. These pieces have been fixed (if needed) and carefully checked by the sellers.  They are often in better condition than a tech device that is labeled as “used”, although they will also likely cost a bit more. 

With a factory recertified/refurbished product, customers usually will be given a warranty, as the product is sold from a reputable seller. Back Market sells all products with a minimum 1-year warranty, with some products even coming with a 2-year warranty.

2. How Do You Plan to Use Your Used & Refurbished Laptop?

Do you plan to use the refurbished laptop for work purposes? Is it for casual and social use at home? Do you use or download a lot of programs or apps?  Do you need the newest cutting-edge processing power?  

Certain laptops are going to be better if you plan to use more specific programs.  For gaming, you might prefer a used PC gaming laptop, while for work and digital design you might prefer a used MacBook. An older version of a laptop might be all you need if you just need basic functionality.

If you work from home and need to run multiple programs at once, you’re going to need a refurbished laptop with higher RAM—we suggest getting at least 6GB if you’re this kind of user . If you have loads of documents, saved data, or other digital files, you’re going to need more hard drive storage space—or an online cloud.

The type of work you do might help you determine if you need a refurbished MacBook or a refurbished PC laptop. Macs are usually preferred for photo/video/sound production because of the stellar free onboard programs that Apple provides for this kind of creative editing. If this is what you’re after, make sure to buy a newer refurbished Mac with a more recent processor, and if you’re considering doing a really serious production, perhaps consider investing in a more powerful desktop that will give you unrivalled power and speed.

Quick tip! Make a list of what kind of needs you have for your refurbished or used laptop, so that when you go to look for one, you can focus on which devices will meet those needs :D And one more note about Windows/Mac, it really is all about preference and what kind of deal you can find. There used to be a huge difference in workflow between the two platforms, but now they really are super similar. Even if you’re a well-seasoned Mac user, you shouldn’t have any issue transitioning to a used laptop running on the newer Windows 10 platform.