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Who Should Buy a Refurbished Microsoft Surface?

Should you buy a Microsoft Surface

Is the Microsoft Surface Worth it?

When the Microsoft Surface first debuted into the tech world, users became hesitant to jump on board. However, the laptop and tablet soon quickly grew in interest and in popularity. The now-expanded range of touchscreen tablets includes convertible keyboards as well as more traditional laptops. Their big perk has been the touchscreens.

Since it’s a smaller and more lightweight device, it’s only potential limitation is likely to be the storage, largely available at 128GB to 256GB of space. For the right user, though, this will hardly be an issue. With Windows software and the touch-screen capabilities, it offers a variety of uses and purposes to various individuals. So let’s get back to the original question: who should buy a refurbished Microsoft Surface?

1. Students

Students of all ages might benefit from buying a refurbished Microsoft Surface. The touch-screen means educational programs can be easily accessed to middle school or high school aged children. As most schools use Microsoft programs on their campuses, students can access Word, Excel, Power Point, and other key programs with ease. For older students, taking notes and accessing online classroom content can be easily done with the touch screen, while the user can just as easily use a traditional QWERTY keyboard that can be easily attached to type up documents and reports. The refurbished Microsoft Surface is also a great option because it keeps the cost closer to the budget of a student.

2. Medical Professionals

When it comes to completing medical forms or taking patient notes that need to be logged onto a computer later anyway, the lightweight and tablet-style format of the Microsoft Surface makes it easy to carry from room to room and back to the office. With the Surface pen, notes and data can be quickly recorded and emailed on the spot to patients or other medical professionals. Records can be immediately stored online so the potential for lost paperwork is eliminated.  With a moderately sized display with sharp resolution, images and notes can be easily pulled up and reviewed, and online searches can be completed quickly.

3. Avid Travelers

As a lighter and smaller-screened device (most Surface devices, like the Go and the Pro, have 12 to 13 inch screens), the Microsoft Surface devices are easy to transport and carry everywhere.  They fit perfectly in backpacks and carry-on luggage, and with the touch screen, take up minimal space, meaning you can easily whip it out and fit it onto the tray table in front of you. The programs and downloadable software run through Microsoft can be accessed from anywhere, both online and offline. Connect to the on-board WiFi and you can finish your work from anywhere!

4. Sales Professionals

Between conducting research, generating sales data, emailing customers and potential clients, or getting ready for the next sales pitch presentation, a refurbished Microsoft Surface can be both highly functional as well as a financial savings.  Whether you conduct your sales meetings in person or through the webcam and audio on the Surface, you can connect to clientele easily and conveniently.  With the USB port and wireless connections offered on the Surface devices, you can share data and connect to the internet with ease. It’s also a convenient carry-device, so you can even use your Surface during presentations to help reference and guide you as you present your pitch.

5. Educational Professionals

Technology in the classroom has been one of the biggest booms over the course of the last five to ten years. More and more schools are looking to provide a 1:1 ratio of devices and students, allowing each student access to the technologies.  Educators, both at the private, public, and collegiate level benefit from having easy access to technology at the touch of their fingers.  Most schools work with Microsoft software, require online components to curriculum, and pay for access to various beneficial educational apps and programs. With little funding left over to supply devices to educators, the refurbished Microsoft Surface can make all the difference in providing meaningful instruction to students of all ages.

With the Microsoft Surface line of computers and tablets, a range of purposes and options are available to potential buyers. The affordable and reliable nature of the refurbished Microsoft Surface in particular makes it an accessible piece of technology to a variety of individuals and professionals.

Is the Microsoft Surface Right For You?

We hope this guide helped you think of some uses of the Microsoft Surface and whether it's right for your needs. If you want to read about other laptops, consider checking out our main buying guide page :D

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