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Refurbished Unlocked iPhone 11 Series

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Jamie P.


Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2024

The microphone cuts out a lot while another person Is talking on speakerphone, or if they are streaming on discord etc, everything else with the phone seems great, the screen looks more colorful less orange like my iPhone XS I got a good condition, with a new battery so the battery is new. Both cameras look good, there is a small scratch on the back of the phone but that was listed for good condition so I don’t care much it’s on the back, the front of the phone is good no scratches the sides had no scratches the cameras no scratches, I do have a screen error but that’s bc it was replace most likely, when I do press on the screen you can tell it’s not genuine apple which is whatever (looks better anyways) I’m not tryna be picky but realistic for you guys who will read my review and you decide you want to buy this, it does seem like the iPhone 11 has microphone issues in general so it’s probably just apple in that case not the refurbisher fault, volume is loud and good sounds great, the down volume button is super sensitive though like it does at click like the up button does
iPhone 11 - Unlocked

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