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Panasonic RF-P50D Radio

Panasonic RF-P50D Radio

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Panasonic RF-P50D Radio

Panasonic RF-P50D Portable FM/AM Radio
Enjoy FM and AM radio nearly anywhere with the silver Panasonic RF-P50D Portable FM/AM Radio. Operating on battery power, it can be used anywhere radio reception is available. The visually impaired will appreciate the large dial scale, fluorescent pointer and red tuning LED, while also taking advantage of the AFC function for AM tuning, which locks in a nearby station and reduces noise while tuning.

Easy, Stable Tuning with AFC

The tuner is designed to provide simple tuning and stable reception. The Auto Frequency Control (AFC) function expands the AM radio reception range and simplifies tuning. It eliminates the need for exact tuning precision by automatically selecting the nearest station. Noise is also reduced while tuning to enhance listening comfort.

Easy-to-See Design

In addition to the large dial scale, which makes the frequency numbers larger and easier to see, a fluorescent pointer provides comfortable viewing in the dark, making tuning easy even at night and during power interruptions.


  • FM & AM Bands
  • Analog Tuning with AFC
  • Large Dial Scale & Fluorescent Pointer
  • Earphone Jack


Panasonic RF-P50D Radio

  • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : RF-P50D
  • Color : Gray
  • Model : RF-P50D
  • Wifi : No
  • Connected Device : No
  • Alarm : No
  • Number of Batteries : 2
  • Product type : Refurbished
  • Brand : Panasonic
  • Weight : 15 oz
  • Height : 10 in
  • Width : 13 in
  • Depth : 10 in

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