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Galaxy S10e 128GB - Prism Black Unlocked

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Is the Refurbished S10e Worth Buying?

Yes the refurbished Samsung S10e is worth buying! It’s hands-down one of the best Android phones released in 2019, and it is guaranteed to still run strong in the coming years.

Is the Used S10e a Good Phone?

Obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t be selling it :P And since the used S10e is still a relatively recent Android phone, it’s just as snappy as it was when it was just released. You won’t see much (if any) speed difference when comparing a used S10e to a new iPhone or other Android device.

Is the S10e better than the S10?

It’s hard to really say that the S10e is better than the S10 because these are both different phones that cater towards different users. While the S10 is better for a heavier user because of the larger screen and battery, the refurbished S10e is just as capable because it has the same processor. Although the S10 does have 8GB of RAM compared to the 6GB found in the S10e, that extra 2GB really won’t be noticeable.

What’s the Difference Between the S10 and S10e?

Ok, that’s an easy one :) The S10 has a slightly larger screen, battery, and packs an extra telephoto camera lens. But that doesn’t mean that the cheaper S10e doesn’t come with its own advantages. Since it’s smaller, it has a better form factor for using one-handed. Choosing between the S10 vs S10e really is just a matter of preference.

Why Buying a Cheap S10e is a Great Choice

At a time when phones seem to be getting continuously more expensive, the refurbished S10e comes to the rescue! You can find many listings for a cheap Galaxy S10e on our website ranging between $200 and $400, depending if you want one in mint condition or don’t mind a few scratches.

Galaxy S10e for Sale

If you want to find an S10e for sale at the best price possible, consider finding a used S10e on our website that has a lower exterior condition. Even if it has some scratches, we guarantee that all the internals are in perfect condition and the phone is guaranteed to work just like a new one.

Best Deals on the S10e from Samsung: Why Refurbished is the Way to Go

If you want the best deal on an S10e, it’s best to get one refurbished. That’s because the refurbished S10e will work just as well as the new Galaxy S20, but cost a lot less. You can get a model on our website now for around $200, and that’s a steal considering how powerful and fast this phone still is. Not to mention the fact is has an awesome display, cameras, and battery life.