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Nintendo Switch - HDD 32 GB - Yellow/Blue

Nintendo Switch - HDD 32 GB - Yellow/Blue

40% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Excellent
40 oz of e-waste saved


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That's according to James K. Fast delivery. Immediate took care of a problem with an accessory and replaced it right away. 3 days ago

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Get a cheap console from Back Market with a refurbished Nintendo Switch

Since launching in 2017, this console has become something of a phenomenon. Have you been dreaming about getting one, but find the in-store price too expensive? A refurbished Nintendo Switch could be just the thing!

Refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles: one unit, several ways to play

Designed for mobile use as well as at home on the TV, for one or more players, the Nintendo Switch is revolutionizing the world of gaming. However, despite all this, the price of a new Nintendo Switch can be too much of a deterrent for some. But not when you shop with Back Market. We sell refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles, with all the standard accessories of this hybrid console including the docking station, portable screen and two removable joysticks (Joy-Cons), for far less than the in-store price. Delivered to you in perfect working condition, you can buy a certified pre-owned Nintendo Switch console from Back Market with complete confidence knowing you’re protected by the Back Market warranty for at least 12 months.

Why buy a refurbished Nintendo Switch?

Buying a cheap Nintendo Switch console from Back Market still provides all the functionality you would expect from a brand new device. You’ll get a 32GB internal flash memory and microSDXC card slot for up to an additional 2TB of data, while the NVIDIA Tegra 256-core processor ensures a an enjoyable gaming experience. With superb image quality on the 6.2-inch LCD touch screen (1280 x 720px) and a weight of less than 400g, it’s the perfect console for playing games on the go as well as at home.

Don’t delay! Treat yourself to an unforgettable gaming experience without breaking the bank thanks to Back Market’s range of refurbished consoles – so you can buy a Nintendo Switch for less.