Don't Buy a Black Friday Apple Watch... Unless it's Refurbished

The cheapest Black Friday Apple Watch is available all year

The best Apple Watch Black Friday 2020

How to Find the Best Apple Watch Deal For Black Friday

The Apple Watch Series 6 and SE were just released in September, but that doesn’t mean they offer the best value when it comes to Black Friday or Cyber Monday Apple Watch discounts.

If you want an Apple Watch that will monitor your health and fitness, you don’t need to get the newest Apple Watch. You’ll be just fine with a Series 2 or Series 3—these will still have the same ring-based activity tracking as new Apple Watches, but for a much better price.

The Series 2 Apple Watch already has its years and probably won’t be as snappy as a new Apple Watch, but it can still be very beneficial in helping you reach your fitness goals, and you can get a refurbished one for only $100 now!

But let’s say you want a Black Friday Apple Watch with an always-on display, but don’t want to pay the full price of the Series 6 Apple Watch? If this is you, get the Series 5: it’s the only other Apple Watch at this time that comes with an always-on display (although keep in mind that using this feature will take an additional toll on battery life). But even with the added battery drain, a Series 5 should still last you all day with this feature enabled.

To be honest, we don't like the idea of Black Friday or Cyber Monday very much: they're bad for the environment because they encourage needless consumption, and we're all about being eco-friendly. We have amazing Apple Watch deals year-round, so don't feel pressured to buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, make your purchase when you're ready :D

The Best Black Friday Apple Watch Deal in Our Opinion

Want our advice on getting the best deal on a Black Friday Apple Watch? The Series 4 is almost identical to the new Apple Watch SE. It features an electrocardiogram in the crown, which is something that’s missing on the SE. And in case you were wondering, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is a sensor that records your heartbeat rhythm and searches for any irregularities. But keep in mind, the Apple Watch is not intended to replace a professional medical device, so if you have serious health concerns, please consult a doctor(!)

Best Black Friday Apple Watch Deals

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a New Apple Watch This Black Friday

The only real advantage of the Series 6 Apple Watch over last year’s Series 5 is a slightly faster chip (which probably won’t be noticeable in everyday use) and a blood oxygen sensor—also known as a pulse oximeter.

It’s easy to get excited about another sensor that can help us collect more data about our bodies, but The Washington Post recently published an article about the lack of accuracy in this new sensor found in the Apple Watch Series 6. Therefore, we’d write this feature off as simply a gimmick. Why spend more money on an Apple Watch that isn’t really offering any useful new features?

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