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Switch Online vs. PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Live Gold

What online gaming subscription is right for you

Why the Refurbished Xbox One and PlayStation are in a League of Their Own

Ok, let me start off from the get-go by saying that this isn’t a 100% fair comparison. Why? Xbox and PlayStation provide a very different kind of multiplayer experience than the Nintendo Switch. If you’re into the industry-leading graphics and realism of the refurbished PS4 and Xbox One consoles, you’re going to need to pay more for online play. But that’s not to say that Nintendo isn’t offering something exciting with a unique flavor and zest. Read on to find out which refurbished video game platform is right for you.

Nintendo Switch Online

PlayStation Plus

Xbox Live Gold

Annual Subscription Cost




Family Annual Subscription Cost

$34.99 for up to 8 accounts



Online Chat Features Lacking on the Refurbished Switch

First off, let me just say that Nintendo Online will give you the same experience regardless if you have a new Switch or used Switch :) That’s good news if you’re trying to save some money and buy one that’s refurbished. But anyways, let’s talk about online play.

One of the biggest shortcomings of Nintendo’s online play is that you can’t play online and chat at the same time in most games. There are some exceptions like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the original NES collection, but the point is that you don’t have the same “party” functionality of Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. On the other consoles, you’ll be able to easily invite friends into chat rooms while playing different games.

Premium Online Play More Expensive on Refurbished Xbox One, PS4

Unfortunately, as I said before, the online play on the Xbox and PlayStation will be more expensive. But, as we already said, it will also give you more functionality. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are for players that live and breathe for online play. Both of these platforms will let you play the most advanced video game titles of each year with players from around the world. Nintendo Switch also lets you play with others online, but Nintendo games are more focused around storytelling and “Nintendo flavor” than just flat out specs and intensely competitive online play. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people that religiously play online on Nintendo Switch, it’s just that Nintendo players are usually invested in the classic Nintendo titles and primarily play because they love characters from the platform. Xbox and PS4 seem to be less invested in exclusive platform storylines (with the exception of Xbox’s Halo and a few other titles) and more about intense multiplayer matchups in realistic sports, shooting, and racing titles.

Getting the Right Refurbished Console Isn’t Really About Cost

As you can tell from what we’ve been discussing, finding the right online subscription/console isn’t really about cost, it’s about preference. Don’t get what’s the cheapest, get what you feel will suit you best. Comparing all these platforms isn’t about numbers, it’s about personality. The question you should be really asking yourself is what kind of a gamer you are :D