What does refurbished PS4 mean?

What is a refurbished PlayStation 4? Here’s what you need to know about the difference between a used and refurbished PS4, getting a refurbished PS4 warranty, and more.

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What is a refurbished PS4?

If you’re not sure exactly what a refurbished PS4 means, you’re not alone. Not to worry, we’re here to help clear up the confusion. When you shop for a pre-owned gaming console, you’ll probably see a few different options including used PS4s and refurbished PS4s. While both are second-hand, they’re not the same thing.


A used PS4 is typically sold as-is, without any repairs or testing. On the other hand, a refurbished PS4 will have had any necessary repairs made or parts replaced and is checked for functionality before it’s resold. Refurbished consoles may have been used by someone else, or they may be unused but returned by someone who simply decided they didn’t want it.


Generally, buying a refurbished PS4 is a safer move than buying used. If you’re investing in a PlayStation, you’ll want it to be in the best condition possible so you can enjoy playing your favorite games for years to come. When you buy used, it’s hard to know what condition the device will be in since it hasn’t been tested or repaired. Buying a refurbished PS4 means that the console has been professionally renewed and tested to make sure it works just like you’d expect a new PlayStation console to work. 


Depending on the seller, you might have a harder time returning a used PS4 than if you buy a professionally refurbished PS4. You can also protect your purchase with a warranty if you buy refurbished (more on that later). A refurbished PS4 may cost a little more than a used one, but it’s worth it to ensure you’re getting a quality console and a good customer experience.

How much is a refurbished PS4?

If you’re in the market for a PS4, you probably already know that gaming consoles are expensive—especially if you buy them brand new. While there’s still plenty of demand for the PS4, you can no longer buy a new one from Sony or other third-party retailers. That leaves gamers with second-hand options (used or refurbished), which typically cost less than new anyway.


Depending on the model and configuration you want, you can find refurbished PS4 deals on Back Market currently starting under $300.

What’s the difference between a PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro?

The original PlayStation 4 was released in 2013, followed by the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro in 2016. Essentially, the smaller PS4 Slim replaced the original design of the console while the higher-end PS4 Pro has more advanced features.


The PS4 Slim has the same CPU and processing power as the original PS4, so both consoles perform equally well when playing games. The original PS4’s optical audio output was removed on the PS4 Slim, but the other connections are the same. The biggest difference between these two models is the size, as the PS4 Slim is about 30% smaller overall than the original PS4. Today, the PS4 Slim is often referred to as simply “PS4” since the larger original design is no longer in production.


The PS4 Pro is more expensive but offers more processing power and higher resolution than the PS4 Slim. The Pro model supports 4K video, so it’s ideal if you already own a 4K TV. If you’re a fan of virtual reality, you may also want to consider the PS4 Pro. While both the Pro and Slim models support Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, the experience will be smoother on the high-powered Pro console.


You won’t have to worry about limiting your selection of games with either PS4 console. Luckily, all current and upcoming PS4 games will work on any PS4 console. Sony will also most likely continue to support the PS4 with updates through 2025, especially since stock shortages and supply chain issues have made the PS5 hard to find.

Should I get a refurbished PS4 controller?

Whether you’re looking to replace your PS4 controller, need an extra one to play with friends, or want to get one along with your refurbished PS4 console, buying a refurbished controller is a great way to save some cash and do the planet a favor. 


Back Market has a variety of expertly renewed PlayStation controllers at a fraction of the cost of new. You can also save on lots of other accessories like gaming headphones, mice, and more if you shop refurbished. Why not pay less for the same great gaming experience?

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Does a refurbished PS4 come with a warranty?

A refurbished PS4 sometimes comes with a warranty, but it depends on where you buy it from. We always suggest doing your research to find out about the warranty before you purchase any gaming console, refurbished or not. 


On Back Market, a refurbished PS4 does come with a warranty. In fact, every purchase comes with at least a 12-month warranty and 30 days to change your mind.

Where is the best place to buy a refurbished PS4?

While we encourage you to shop around, of course we think Back Market is the best place to buy a refurbished PS4! Hear us out. 


When you shop on Back Market, you can feel secure knowing your PS4 was renewed and tested by one of our expert refurbishing partners. Not only that, you’ll get 30 days to change your mind, a minimum 12-month warranty, and a customer support team of real, live humans who can help in case anything unexpected comes up. 


With the best deals on refurbished tech and electronics, you can’t go wrong on Back Market. If you’re ready to get your game on, we have the perfect PS4 for you.

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