5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy a New iPhone

Updated on June 28, 2023

New iPhones are uncool. Find out why

Why Refurbished iPhones are Better

iPhones are really nice devices. But we all know a few other not-so-nice things about them. This article isn’t about being negative about Apple devices, it’s more a list of reasons why we love our refurbished Apple products and why we hope you will too :D

1. New iPhones are Overpriced

No matter how much of an Apple fan you may be, it’s hard not to admit that paying over $1000 for a phone seems ridiculous, even if that phone is at the top of its class. As much as I love the newest iPhone—which at the time of writing this is the iPhone 11 Pro—I think I love my wallet more. So thanks, Apple, you guys made an awesome phone, but I think I’ll buy mine refurbished :-P

iPhones aren't the only overpriced Apple products. Want to hear a secret? You can also find great deals on Apple Watches and cheap MacBooks on Back Market! But shhh... keep it a secret :P

2. The Apple Ecosystem is Available on Older iPhones

Apple puts a lot of great features into their phones that we’ve all come to know and love: FaceTime, iMessage, and AirDrop are just a few of the apps that make the Apple ecosystem a true masterpiece. But you don’t need the newest iPhone to use any of these apps! That’s right, these apps don’t discriminate. Whether you buy a used & refurbished iPhone from us or a new iPhone from Apple, it will still have access to all of Apple’s services.

3. Apple Rarely Offers Jaw-Dropping Deals

Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Apple rarely offers significant discounts for holidays or shopping events (like Black Friday). So, if you want a fancy new iPhone 11 Pro, there’s almost no chance Apple will ever sell you a new one for under $1000 :’(

4. Used iPhones are Better for the Environment

New iPhones are nice and all, but you wouldn't believe how much pollution and waste producing new iPhones actually generates. The longer we hold on to our devices, the better it is for the environment. If you're interested in reading more about the electronic waste crisis and what you can do to help, consider reading this article about recycling iPhones written by one of our founders, Vianney Vaute. He's like a really, really cool dude.

My neck is getting tired from staring at this laptop screen... I think I should really ask my boss for a refurbished iMac :-P

5. Refurbished iPhones are Getting Better

Even though smartphone manufacturers may be less innovative, it’s a very different story when it comes to the refurbished electronics marketplace. Because iPhones are lasting longer than ever—and costing more than ever—many companies have started selling refurbished iPhones and other Apple products.

Unlike other used & refurbished retailers, Back Market has been able to sell refurbished iPhones and other Apple refurbished products with a 1-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and quality grade ratings. Buying refurbished stuff used to be so fishy, but now it’s the cool thing to do :D Imagine the emoji with the sunglasses. That’s you every time you buy a refurbished Apple product. Refurbished is better for the environment since you’re promoting a culture of reuse & recycling, not to mention being better for your wallet.

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Written by Blanca Marín

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