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Which color to choose for your Samsung S21?

Published Aug 18, 2023 - With an all-new design centered around the camera, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and its various variants come in a multitude of colors, both classic and original. Are you drawn to this model but still unsure about the color? Here's the perfect article to help you make your choice. ;)

What are the available colors for the Samsung S21?

The Samsung S21 is available in four colors:

  • Phantom Violet.

  • Phantom Gray.

  • Phantom White.

  • Phantom Pink.

What are the available colors for the Samsung S21+?

The Samsung S21 Plus is offered in five shades:

  • Phantom Violet.

  • Phantom Black.

  • Phantom Silver.

  • Phantom Gold.

  • Phantom Red.

What are the available colors for the Samsung S21 Ultra?

You can purchase the Samsung S21 Ultra in five colors:

  • Phantom Black.

  • Phantom Silver.

  • Phantom Titanium.

  • Phantom Navy.

  • Phantom Brown.

What are the available colors for the Samsung S21 FE?

You'll find the Samsung S21 FE in four different colors:

  • Olive.

  • Graphite.

  • Lavender.

  • White.

If you've set your heart on a specific color, it's possible that it might not be available for the model you intended to purchase. For instance, only the Samsung S21 Plus comes in vibrant red, just as the navy blue hue, which is exclusively available for the Samsung S21 Ultra.

A wide range of colors for the Samsung S21

You have no less than 15 different colors for the Samsung S21:

  • Phantom Violet: A soft pastel violet that resembles lilac and contrasts well with the gold camera module.

  • Phantom Gray: A fairly dark gray that closely resembles black. It's actually the only dark color offered for the Samsung S21. This shade is easier to pair with other black or white accessories.

  • Phantom White: A bright white mixed with a silver camera module. It's a classic and always effective combination. However, be cautious about potential smudges and remember to clean your phone frequently.

  • Phantom Pink: A refreshing color enhanced by a gold camera module for a glamorous look.

  • Phantom Black: A dark and understated black, available only on the S21+ and S21 Ultra. A safe choice for users who might quickly tire of other colors.

  • Phantom Silver: A silvery back with a slightly bluish tint, combined with a silver camera module for perfect harmony.

  • Phantom Gold: Offered only for the S21 Plus, this color highlights the camera module. It gives the phone a high-end look and draws attention.

  • Phantom Red: An energetic color that doesn't go unnoticed and adds pep to your smartphone. A good option for standing out and easily locating your phone.

  • Phantom Titanium: A light gray with a carbon-like and futuristic effect, complemented by a dark gray camera module.

  • Phantom Navy: This navy blue adds an extra touch of elegance to the rounded design of the Samsung S21 Ultra.

  • Phantom Brown: Paired with a black and striped camera module, this brown color gives the impression that the phone is covered in leather for a successful luxurious effect.

  • Olive: An original and unique light green shade. It's a bold color choice that can either make a statement or not, depending on personal preferences.

  • Graphite: A basic color with a matte finish that offers a discreet yet classic appearance. Lavender: Vibrant and spring-like, this color is attractive due to its fresh hue. It's slightly lighter than the Phantom Violet. These are indeed two different colors.

  • White: Always classy, this white color contrasts with the black camera sensors. It has the advantage of pairing well with accessories of all colors.

What is the most popular and best-selling color of the Samsung S21?

Black and white are the most popular and best-selling colors. They are particularly appreciated for their classic appeal that never goes out of style.

The color of the Samsung S21 does not influence its price.

As you'd expect, color has no impact on the price of the Samsung S21, as models in the same range offer identical performance. However, certain colors may become rare or very popular over time. These may increase in value and drive up the price of the smartphone. This could be the perfect time to buy a refurbished Samsung S21 Plus in Phantom Red and hope it becomes a collector's item!

Are you planning to add a case to your Samsung S21?

You may be wondering what's the point of choosing a particular color if you're thinking of adding a Samsung S21 case to your phone. Then think again, because you always have the o