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Refurbished Airconditioner

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Joshua P.


Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2023

Company called before they shipped it showing me the dents. It was packaged pretty well. Only problem was I called them back a few times so it took a week for them to ship
Midea KAW10C1AWT Airconditioner

Overall performance





Purchased on April 1, 2023


John T.


Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2023

Return process is slow and unending. Still don’t have it reconciled. Awaiting shipping return label. Please get this resolved today.
Midea MAT10R2ZWT Airconditioner

Overall performance





Purchased on June 13, 2023

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Refurbished air conditioner units

Enjoy the summer with a refurbished air conditioner from Back Market

Why suffer from the heat this summer when you can install a cheap air conditioner in your home? There’s no need to break into the holiday budget either, if you consider buying a refurbished air conditioner instead of a new one. Presented at the best price and in ‘as new’ condition, air con units from Back Market could be just the ticket this summer.

How to choose a refurbished air conditioner?

Just like a new one, a refurbished air conditioner is chosen according to your needs and the size of the room(s) you need to cool. Just as important though are the requirements for air ventilation. Some air conditioners can recycle hot air, while others are equipped with pipes that come in through the window. You should do a little research ahead of time to make sure you know all variables to consider before purchasing. Also bear in mind that a cooling fan model might be right up your street. Check out the wide selection on Back Market to get started.

Buy a refurbished air conditioner at the best price on Back Market

Are you looking for the best price on an air conditioning unit? Forget new devices that will set you back several hundred dollars. At Back Market, we have many models for sale that are in perfect condition – retailing somewhere between 20 and 70% less than traditional outlets, depending on the device. Such great discounts mean there’s really no reason not to add one to the appliances of your house, without skipping on quality. Each of our refurbished air conditioners is guaranteed for 12 months, first passing through the hands of specialized experts to ensure you get a unit in perfect working condition, that will last throughout the years.

This summer, don’t suffer through the heat as temperatures continue to soar. Thanks to a refurbished air conditioner from Back Market, this once luxury item is well within your reach.