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Refurbished TVs

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Refurbished TVs

Enjoy the best of refurbished TVs thanks to Back Market

Buying a refurbished TV is becoming an essential consideration today. Both economically and environmentally, this approach is good for everyone. However, to protect yourself against possible defects and complications, you should only buy a TV from a trusted, established business like Back Market. We don’t believe in bad surprises. Each and every TV we sell is tested and refined to create devices that are like new and sold for a competitive price.

What is a refurbished TV?

Second-hand model? End of series? Display model? Defective TV? That’s not always the case. More often than not, refurbished TVs result from customer returns – where a customer has simply changed their mind within the time period allowed. Nevertheless, this leads to the repackaging of the device. A refurbished TV is just a near-new product that has been repackaged. When you buy a refurbished TV from Back Market, your device comes with at least a 12-month warranty. This means that in case of breakdown or future defect, you’re guaranteed to get a free repair, exchange or full refund. Unlike when you buy a cheap TV from a relative or other individual, you get peace of mind knowing you’ll get to enjoy a product in perfect working order.

Buy a certified pre-owned TV from Back Market

Whatever model and brand you’re interested in buying, you’re likely to find the refurbished TV you want on Back Market. Start to refine our selection by selecting the screen size you’re looking for – we’ve got models ranging from less than 37 inches to more than 60. Then you need to choose the quality of the screen – standard- or high-definition. This will affect the crispness of the display and appearance of colors, which is something to carefully consider. When you’ve created a shortlist, all that’s left is to choose the model and brand. With a warranty of between 12 and 24 months, you can purchase risk-free – knowing you’re buying quality equipment.

How much can I save buying a refurbished TV?

Although an ecological and responsible choice, the process of buying a refurbished product usually stems from searching for the best price. At Back Market, we fairly calculate the price of our refurbished TVs to offer you a great deal. With discounts between 30 and 70% of the retail price of a brand new machine, it’s pretty impossible to find better value products elsewhere. Especially when you consider the stringent quality checks we have in place – with all products backed by our Back Market guarantee. We’re not in the business of selling damaged or defective devices. Every refurbished TV we sell passes through our specialized laboratories, undergoing dozens of tests that protect against unwelcome surprises.

You can be confident you’re buying from a trustworthy seller, offering the most competitive prices, with Back Market. There’s no reason not to take advantage of our amazing deals to get the refurbished TV you want.