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Freefly beyond Virtual reality headset

  • Freefly beyond Virtual reality headset
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    John M.


    3 months ago

    I'm not sure you can get the free downloaded apps now I can't anymore for some reason that's not the visor's fault otherwise it works it works well worth the few bucks a lot less than it came out at lol a lot less so yeah if you want something like this is worth it got to have the right phone

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Freefly beyond Virtual reality headset

    Freefly beyond Virtual reality headset

    • The Freefly VR Games pack is compatible with iOS as well as Android, and does not need an external controller.
    • Immersive optics: largest field-of-view (120°) in mobile VR, making the experience more immersive. It feels as though you really are in a new world created by the VR app, rather than looking through binoculars at it.
    • Hassle-free play: with our unique conductive triggers* built directly into the headset, there is no need for an external controller (saving you extra costs).
    • Smartphone friendly: compatible with most models and brands of smartphones, Android and iOS compatible and very easy to set up. All smartphones with a gyroscope and a screen size of 4.7”- 6.1" are compatible (e.g. iPhone 6 and 7, Samsung, Sony, HTC and many more; check our website to see if your phone is compatible. Works with all Google Cardboard apps and games on the Apple App store and Google Play store, plus YouTube and Google Earth.
    • 'Most comfortable headset' due to the lightweight and perforated soft faux-leather, often reviewed as ‘most comfortable headset’. Together with the custom ventilation system, this prevents fogging and allows for extended gameplay.

    Freefly beyond Virtual reality headset

    • Model : beyond
    • Brand : FreeFly
    • Weight : 10 oz

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