iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2nd Gen (2017) - Wi-Fi + GSM/CDMA + LTE 512 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

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  • iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2nd Gen (2017) - Wi-Fi + GSM/CDMA + LTE
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iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2nd Gen (2017) - Wi-Fi + GSM/CDMA + LTE's customer reviews

(82 reviews for this item)

Lorraine T.


2 weeks ago

Works like new, great condition. I was able to use the latest Adobe Creative Suite software (22) and test if I wanted to do more digital design before investing in a newer generation. I can use this for a while and keep as a backup when I upgrade to another refurbished iPad. I will not be buying new again, so thank you.


Brian F.


5 months ago

I’m not sure if it is just my rotten luck or someone has cursed or hexed me in a way so that I am never ever going to get a device that works up to my standards or not. the device worked awesome when I first received it. it had 72% battery when i pulled it out of the packaging so i went thru with a complete restoration from my last ipad backup, which is alot of apps and alot of videos and pictures. ive been playing alot of games for cash, and alot of music editing and creation software as well, so i use an ipad pro for everything its worth thats for sure, so it wasn't long before I depleted that 72% down to critical it spazed out & powered down right after it said low battery, this device worked flawlessly until I charged it all the way back up in fact I let it charge overnight at least six hours before I started putting the constant usage power drain back on it and this time when I observed it down to 40% I decided I would plug it in while I was using it just to prevent it from spazing out again and me losing all my creation data I was working on at the time before I had a chance to save it, so now I always make a habit of saving the file every few adjustments so that never happen ...


Lynn P.


5 months ago

This was exactly what I needed. I’m using this primarily for sheet music for music performance. I can organize and access my scores through the ForScore app. The clarity of the display and the speed with which files load and I can do page turns makes it a lot more convenient than messing with paper scores. No one believes that this is a refurbished iPad. It looks and operates like new. I’m so glad I bought this and didn’t spend for a brand new one.


Rosemary L.


6 months ago

I got a refurbished iPad 2nd Generation 2017, and I love it. It runs my updated programs beautifully. It has a crisp, clear picture, and it came with a full year’s warranty. I wish it had come with a pen, but I’m very pleased with what I got for my money.


Richard D.


4 months ago

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd Gen I bought from BackMarket is great! It looks like new, works like new, the battery has lots of life, so I believe I made a great decision buying it. The price was awesome too, so much less than a new one would be! I'm only using it for reading sheet music, so I don't need all the new features, so this is great for my purposes.


Kristin H.


5 months ago

It came in perfect condition and so far it works great! This is my first time buying anything refurbished and I was nervous. I will absolutely order from Backmarket again:)


Cagatay E.


2 months ago

I ordered one in good condition but it came in excellent condition. Cosmetically there is not even one scratch and battery life is in 95 percent. This is maybe the best purchase I have done in my life :)
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Everything you ever wanted to know about the iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2nd Gen (2017) - Wi-Fi + GSM/CDMA + LTE


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iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2nd Gen - 512 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

  • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : MPLJ2LL/A
  • Model : iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2nd Gen
  • Release Date : June 2017
  • Color : Space Gray
  • Storage : 512 GB
  • Network : Wi-Fi + GSM/CDMA + LTE
  • Processor speed : 2.3 GHz
  • Memory : 4 GB
  • Resolution : 2732x2048
  • Megapixels : 12
  • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : Unlocked
  • Manufacturer Ref. : A1671
  • Release Year : 2017
  • Apple Pencil Compatibility : Compatible with Apple Pencil 1st Gen
  • Last OS Compatibility : Yes
  • Use : Advanced features
  • Screen size (inches) : 12.9
  • OS : iPadOS
  • Series : iPad Pro
  • SAR body : 1.19
  • Brand : Apple
  • Weight : 24 oz
  • Height : 12.0 in
  • Width : 8.68 in
  • Depth : 0.27 in

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