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Our company was started in 2017 with one person, a spare room, and a dream. The internet needed a reliable vendor for certified electronics who really cared about their customers and their products. The dream was to become that seller. That dream has come to life. ThePhoneStoreCo is now one of the top smartphone vendors online with over 2 years of experience in the business. In this time, we've successfully sold thousands of devices and achieved Swappa Trusted Seller status and Top Rated eBay Platinum Powerseller status. More importantly, though, we learned our products inside and out and learned how to make our customers smile. Our small team of electronics enthusiasts, tech geeks, and smartphone professionals run the operation out of a dedicated business office and warehouse where we ship orders daily. You being here shows you support small businesses - thank you. We love what we do and we truly believe we do it best. Products

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