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Backers ratings on our Our hottest deals :

Niesha G. - 13/04/19


This is my first time ordering but over this website is great

Abdoulah B. - 13/04/19


It's really good company

LORETTA G. - 12/04/19


I'm so overwhelmed this phone is flawless it said it would have little dents little scratches it has nothing it's Flawless I'm so overwhelmed I give this 5 plus plus five more plus five more I would suggest everybody buying refurbished it good does good for the environment and you get a better product at a lower price it's amazing I'm so happy I give it five stars thank you so much and I will definitely be buying from you again thank you

Solange A. - 11/04/19


iphone 7 grade shiny / iphone was a different color than the one selected (black instead of silver), but that's not a concern for me. Screen looks like new. Back shows little wear, no scraches. Battery capacity is at 84%, which is OK for a refurbished phone. Price was great (aprox $280). Thank you!

Dennis N. - 09/04/19


These guys are top notch! Their customer service is second to none. Product was excellent! I highly recommend theses sellers if you are in the market!!

Albert B R. - 08/04/19


My purchase was silver grade and to me it looks new! Thanks for the awesome mini 2 it works and looks great.

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