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Refurbished Samsung Tablets

Refurbished Samsung Tablets

Our very best Refurbished Samsung Tablets:


Galaxy Tab 4 16GB - Black - Verizon

Only works with:
-47% discount
Warranty: 6 months
Grade: Stallone
-17 oz of electronic waste

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17 oz.

In buying a Refurbished Samsung Tablets - Better than used Samsung Tablets, you're helping prevent 17 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 242 Pringles. Yum-o.

Every Galaxy Tab
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a line of Android-based tablet computers produced by Samsung Electronics. It is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note series except without the Samsung S-Pen stylus. The tablet segment may be in a downward trend, but that does not prevent the big companies as Samsung from continuing to bet the format. And Samsung has today one of the most carefully made devices in the division.
The new format of Samsung's high-end tablets clearly demonstrates that it is a neat device. The dimensions are reduced with regard to the first iteration of the devices, and as a result, it is very suitable if what one seeks is to gain in lightness.
The fourth generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab a tablets has WiFi and LTE options, and all of them have black and white versions on their casing, with a conventional design for the back texture. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a simple tablet with a lightweight design and many software features. The Galaxy Tab 4 has a suitable size that feels good in one or two hands. It is available in white or black and has a soft feel and good grip on the back. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 tablet runs the Android 4.4.2 operating system with Samsung's TouchWiz interface. The infrared emitter on the right edge of the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 lets you use the tablet as a remote control for your TV. The WatchOn application, included, lets you connect the tablet to your TV or any entertainment system.The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is also an option with its 8-inch screen, it comes with a bright and precise display, good performance and a lightweight design that's comfortable for the user, as well as Samsung's multi-window feature that allows you to operate two applications at the same time on the screen. It also features a remote control/TV Guide component and a microSD port for additional storage capacity. Although other 8-inch tablets such as the iPad Mini and Galaxy Note 8 are on the edge of one-handed devices, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 feels thin compared to other 8-inch tablets on the market.The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 appears in two formats: 9,7, and 8 inches. The Galaxy Tab S2 is more compact, but above all thinner: its thickness is only 5.6 mm, and that is also noticeable in its weight, really decent for a device with this diagonal screen: the 389 grams (392 in the version with LTE) make it easy to operate without energy aid for long periods of time. The construction is, of course, remarkable: the glass is the protagonist in the front, while in the rear we have a plastic shell but with a slightly rough texture that almost gives the impression of touching some fabric, and not an electronic device. But without a doubt one of the most striking aspects of the device is its 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The Galaxy Tab S2 is a beautifully made device.