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Unlocked iPhone XS for Sale

The Unlocked iPhone XS on Back Market is a great buy because it’s sleek, ergonomical, and unlocked. Have you ever held this phone in your hand? Well let me tell you, it feels amazing. The size is just right (in my opinion), and the gesture controls make it super easy to use one-handed. If you’re considering switching carriers or travelling, make sure to pick up an unlocked version.

The Best Unlocked iPhone XS Deals

The design of the unlocked iPhone XS is arguable one of the sleekest Apple has ever pulled off. Even though the iPhone 11 Pro (The successor to the XS) has great camera performance, many don’t like the rough matte texture and aesthetic choices of the back glass. It’s also thicker than the XS. Long story short, many think the unlocked iPhone XS looks better. And since these are unlocked, they’ll work on T Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and just about any other carrier out there.

Looking to buy a GSM Unlocked iPhone XS?

If you buy a GSM unlocked iPhone XS, it means that it will only work for GSM carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. Also, keep in mind that any smaller companies that operate on the same antennas as these big carriers (like Cricket or Metro PCS) will also work on a GSM iPhone XS :D And since most international carriers use GSM technology as well, this can also be the perfect phone for traveling.