Find out if your iPhone is fully unlocked

What is a fully unlocked iPhone?

How to check if your iPhone is fully unlocked

What do people mean when they say “fully unlocked iPhone?”

What is a fully unlocked iPhone? Well, to be honest, we don’t fully understand the question, but we think we know what you mean. Not all unlocked iPhones are equal, and therefore some people may claim that they are therefore not all fully unlocked.

Why the term “fully unlocked iPhone” is somewhat misleading

We don’t really know how this term came about, but we suspect that it has something to do with this unfortunate fact: Just because an iPhone is unlocked, it doesn’t mean that it will work on every network. As a matter of fact, we wrote an article all about whether unlocked iPhones work on every network.

How to check if your iPhone is fully unlocked

When people ask if their iPhone is fully unlocked, what they really want to know is if it will work on their network. And this is a relatively easy question to answer 😊 We wrote this article about how to check if your unlocked iPhone will work on Verizon, and even though you may not be a Verizon user, this same methodology will work no matter the network. So go ahead, jump to that article and have a nice day :D

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