Find out if our iPhone XS deals are worth it for you

iPhone XS deals are hotter than ever, but should you still buy one?

iPhone XS deals
Why we love our iPhone XS deals

Just look at that name: iPhone XS. It just sounds good; it’s a cool name.


Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the iPhone 11 Pro Max—come on, really Apple? Couldn’t you think of a shorter name?


Don't worry, this article isn’t going to just be about names, let's get straight into talking about deals. Below, you'll find a chart from that shows just how much the price of the iPhone XS dropped over time since its release in 2018.

Hi! We just wanted to let you know that we built a special tool to help you compare iPhones, here's our iPhone XS Max vs 11 Pro Max comparison!

So the price dropped a lot, but there's no way the iPhone XS is still as good as new iPhones, right?

The iPhone XS is cheaper than it ever was. But does this mean that newer iPhones are really so much better?


Sure, newer iPhones have faster processors, so they might be marginally faster in loading up mobile games.


Newer iPhones also have more advanced camera systems, so you can expect pictures to show more shadow detail and sharpness.

Why you should still buy a cheap iPhone XS over a newer iPhone

Ok, so the camera and processor performance may not be top-notch, but does that mean that you should ignore all the iPhone XS deals out there? We don't think so.


Sure, the camera in the iPhone XS isn't the newest, but it will still get the job done for any pics you want to take with your friends and family. Put em' on Instagram, or Facebook, or wherever else you want.


Unless you're a photography professional, you probably really won't notice the difference in camera quality between the iPhone XS and newer iPhones.


If you're not a mobile gamer who cranks up App Store games to their maximum graphics performance in the settings, then the slightly older processor in the iPhone XS also shouldn't bother you. Once again, the difference when compared to newer iPhones is negligible in the eyes of the average user.


So, if you want a deal on a new(ish) iPhone, you should consider trying out the cheap iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Even though it's half the price of some new iPhones, it definitely won't feel like you're getting half in terms of value for money or performance.

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