iPhone 8 deals: should you buy one or steer clear?

iPhone 8 prices continue to drop. Here's what to consider before buying one.

iPhone 8 deals keep getting better... but how?

You can now find an iPhone 8 deal for less than $200, and quite frankly, that's a steal.

But the iPhone 8 wasn't always this cheap. As a matter of fact, upon its release in 2017, prices of the iPhone 8 started at $699, and if you wanted a version with more storage space, you would have to shell out considerably more. The 256GB version was going for $849.

But what has changed? Why are iPhone 8 prices lower than ever before? Is it still a phone that you should consider buying? Read on to find out more about the iPhone 8 and its place in the iPhone product line.

iPhone 8 prices weren't always this low...

As we said before, the iPhone 8 wasn't always this cheap. But it was always meant to be cheaper than its more expensive sibling: the iPhone X.

When Apple released the iPhone X with a $999 price tag, many said Apple had gone too far. Yes, the price of that phone was insane, but there was a reason for it. It was a lot harder to produce than iPhones before it because of its crazy full-body notched OLED display (which is still prevalent in today’s newest iPhones).

Regardless, some decided to pay the premium price tag for the iPhone X, while others decided to stick with the original Apple designs like the iPhone 8.