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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB

Buy a cheap iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB refurbished from Back Market today and you'll help save the planet from unnecessary e-waste! Your wallet and the planet will thank you :)

Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB's customer reviews


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  • D

    Dawndie S.

    Purchased on July 9, 2024


    This is my first time ever buying a refurbished iPhone from Back Market and my experience has been very wonderful! I ordered my iPhone 12 Pro (upgrade from the iPhone 12, always wanted a Pro just couldn’t afford one, until now) on 9th of July and just received it today 11th of July, super fast shipping and delivery! So far the phone is amazing. Just got it set up and ready to go. I got it in excellent condition and it truly is in excellent condition, I only seen one little mark on it! It came from Wireless Source from Back Market and they did amazing service, they even put a screen protector on it for me! I am truly impressed and very happy with my purchase and will definitely do another one when I need to upgrade to a new phone! Oh and the only thing is that the battery health is only 76%, wish it was more, but it is a used/refurbished phone. Thank you so very much!

    Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • E

    Elinah M.

    Purchased on May 1, 2024


    I finally received my phone all the way in Kenya. I bought iPhone 12 Pro in excellent condition and I love it. The phone exceeds the expectations I had as I was skeptical about a refurbished phone. I had an issue with my shipping address and the customer service was awesome and I was given a promo code for the inconvenience. I am a happy client.Thank you!

    Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • L

    Leighlou B.

    Purchased on March 5, 2024


    I ordered the iPhone 12 Pro in good condition. When I received the phone it looked great with very minor scratches on the screen and barely anything on the body. However, in further inspection I noticed the call speaker to look rough and when I tested the speaker it had a “buzzing” sound. It was obviously not functional as it should be. I also noticed the bottom speaker to have some damage as well. I immediately began the return to fix this issue and they sent me a new phone altogether. The speaker issue was fixed and the phone condition was basically the same as the other. Minor scratches and barely any body damage that I could see. I’m impressed with the customer service and how quick they were to help and send a new one. I do recommend checking the speakers with your refurbished phone before being 100% confident you don’t need to return!

    Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • H

    Hannah G.

    Purchased on May 15, 2024


    Second time ordering refurbished and happy with my experience! I had the XR for 2 years before I decided to upgrade to the 12 pro max day 1 and so far no issues Tracking is easy to follow and arrived on time

    Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Pacific Blue - Unlocked
  • N

    Nicole S.

    Purchased on April 27, 2024


    This is most satisfactory risk I have ever taken. I purchased the iphone 12Pro in Excellent condition. Came with no scratches on the screen or even the back, no scratches on camera, . Speakers are in perfect condition when playing music. Looks literally brand new, can't tell its refurbished. Battery health 82%, but I am still satisfied with it as it is. On that note, I am also an international shopper, i.e I am from Nairobi, so this was a real risk, so happy with my purchase.

    Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Pacific Blue - Unlocked
  • J

    Jacob B.

    Purchased on April 23, 2023


    I bought a refurbished phone from BackMarket a year ago after my old Iphone broke at coachella. I was pretty skeptical when ordering since i had never heard of the website before. A year later the phone still works perfect and have 0 complaints! 10/10 would recommend!

    Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 512GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • T

    Tim K.

    Purchased on February 28, 2024


    Phone came and the touch screen was very unresponsive when adding a screen protector. I tried three different companies brands of screen protector’s. Never had an issue before with using a screen protector. Backmarket was allowing me to return the phone and they seem to stand by their warrant so that’s is good of them as a company , but to return the phone and wait for another one isn’t going to work for me under my current circumstances, unfortunately. I’ll use a different provider for refurbished phones for my next purchase

    Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 256GB - Silver - Unlocked
  • P

    Peter O.

    Purchased on February 23, 2024


    I’ve never bought refurbished before, and I was extremely happy with it. Everything works perfectly, and the transfer from my old phone was easy. My one complaint is that there is a scratch on the screen camera and it affects the quality a little bit, but other than that would recommend!

    Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • T

    Tera L.

    Purchased on January 22, 2024


    The first phone that I paid for was supposed to be in excellent condition. It arrived in "fair" condition and was dirty. I did have a great experience with customer service thankfully, and I shipped that one back and then purchased another one. The second phone is much better. However, the top speaker doesn't work. So I can't hear incoming calls unless I'm on speakerphone or in my car connected to bluetooth. I never received a shipping label for my old phone, so I still have it. But now that I've gone through the process of waiting weeks for a new phone twice and then completely wiping my old phone clean, I am not sure that it's worth the process of completely wiping this new phone clean and downloading all of my data into the old phone again. Just to do it all over again. Basically, I am resigned to having a defective phone now because I simply don't have the time or patience for this run around process again. I've learned my lesson, and will probably not shop here again for a phone that I rely on daily. The middle man who receives and refurbishes the phones obviously does not do a thorough job of cleaning, inspecting, and quality control. I did get a pretty nice phone for l...

    Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked
  • M

    Manuel C.

    Purchased on January 19, 2024


    I received the phone and was initially ecstatic. The phone is gorgeous and looks brand new. Everything is great except for one important thing. Because of a problem with overheating, The iPhone 12 pro is programmed to constantly dim the screen. Whenever you want to use the phone, you have to swipe down to bring up the brightness control button and brighten the screen. I went to the Apple Store and they told me that is no way to shut this feature off. It is a frustrating, and annoying problem with no solution. This is not Black Market's fault. However, I wish had known about this before I ordered the phone. My advise is to not buy an iPhone 12 pro.

    Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2024

    iPhone 12 Pro 128GB - Pacific Blue - Unlocked
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