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Refurbished OnePlus 6

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Refurbished OnePlus 6 devices

Save with a refurbished OnePlus 6 from Back Market

With its high-end positioning and competitive price, the OnePlus 6 has been popular with consumers since entering the smartphone market. A cheaper, refurbished OnePlus 6 is therefore an even more attractive proposition. Available from Back Market, these quality devices are an almost essential purchase. Discover without delay how to buy a cheap OnePlus 6 device.

OnePlus 6, the high-end smartphone at the best price

With quality components and high-end features, you might expect to buy a OnePlus 6 for a price in line with these qualities. But once again, the Chinese brand has chosen to maintain a highly competitive price point to make waves in the smartphone market. Draped in glass, the device comes fitted with a Snapdragon 845 chip and 8GB of RAM – matching the capabilities of many pricier models from competing companies. When looking at a refurbished OnePlus 6, the price becomes even more interesting.

Choose a refurbished OnePlus 6 and save money

The qualities of this high-end smartphone are indisputable, and you can save money by choosing to buy a refurbished OnePlus 6 device from Back Market – some tens, maybe even hundreds of dollars. And that’s not to say you’ll miss out on quality or features. Refurbished devices from Back Market are rigorously checked by specialized experts to ensure an ‘as new’ state – backed by a 12-month warranty that covers you in case of breakdown or future defects.

A certified pre-owned OnePlus 6 is an attractive proposition in this saturated market. Upscale, powerful, high-performing and cheap – the OnePlus 6 represents fantastic value.