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Refurbished OnePlus 7 Pro

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Refurbished OnePlus 7 Pro: the go-to cheap Android phone

As far as refurbished Android phones go, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a top of the line mobile phone that competes with Apple’s iPhone. If you’re a committed Android user but you also love having the most recent tech but without the expense, a refurbished OnePlus 7 Pro is a great purchase.

How does the used OnePlus 7 Pro compare to the iPhone? 

Simply put, comparing the used OnePlus 7 Pro to the iPhone depends on what you’re looking for and what you want from your phone. Android users are loyal for a reason, and it’s because of all the features offered, at a more reasonable price than iPhone. These features include: 

6.67 inch- AMOLED display which consumes less power than LCD and has higher contrast ratios for distinct viewing

Three different lenses on the back: a standard, telephoto, and ultrawide lens

128 or 256GB storage

6, 8, or 12GB RAM

Finger-print sensors

Approximately 9-hour battery life (refurbished might be a bit less, but still within 80%!)

1440 x 3120 pixels for high resolution screen display

Small pop-up front camera

Quick charge time of about 20 minutes

As far as smartphones go, it’s up to par with modern industry standards, and at a lower price than the comparable iPhone. Couple that with the discounted rates around 30% off through BackMarket and the refurbished OnePlus 7 Pro makes for a great buying option.

Why the cheap OnePlus 7 Pro is a solid phone

The larger screen is great for users who prefer more visibility on their phone, and although it doesn’t have a headphone jack, it does have Bluetooth and wireless capabilities for Bluetooth headsets. It also runs fast and smooth, which making it a great device for those who need to use their phone often for work-related items. The high storage speed and quality display also contribute to the phone’s worthiness.

If you enjoy entertainment and have a habit of downloading and consuming media on a regular basis, the used OnePlus 7 Pro also offers clear, vivid audio, which, coupled with the larger screen, makes it great for viewing and watching the latest shows while you wait for your flight or appointment. 

A refurbished OnePlus 7Pro is also a great deal because even though it is a used device, it has a sleek, modern design and premium look. So although it’s used, it still is modern in style and design. 

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