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Refurbished Unlocked iPhone 12 Pro

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Leighlou B.


Reviewed in the United States on April 3, 2024

I ordered the iPhone 12 Pro in good condition. When I received the phone it looked great with very minor scratches on the screen and barely anything on the body. However, in further inspection I noticed the call speaker to look rough and when I tested the speaker it had a “buzzing” sound. It was obviously not functional as it should be. I also noticed the bottom speaker to have some damage as well. I immediately began the return to fix this issue and they sent me a new phone altogether. The speaker issue was fixed and the phone condition was basically the same as the other. Minor scratches and barely any body damage that I could see. I’m impressed with the customer service and how quick they were to help and send a new one. I do recommend checking the speakers with your refurbished phone before being 100% confident you don’t need to return!
iPhone 12 Pro - Unlocked

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