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Galaxy S6 32GB - Black Sapphire - Unlocked

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Samsung Galaxy S6
The Samsung Galaxy S6 was the first great smartphone of 2015. Instead of the utilitarian plastic device that defined each Galaxy S in the past, the Galaxy S6 features for the first time both sides of its surface in stunning glass and aluminum alloy.
The Galaxy S6 leaves behind most of its processor's DNA. The change of materials is impressive, along with the decision to use a non-removable battery and remove the slot for a microSD card, choices made in the name of thinness and power. The Galaxy S6 goes faster than last year's S5 on a single load. The super HD screen is 5.1 inches and it has raised the resolution of its AMOLED screen to 2,560x1,440 pixels, a density of 577 pixels per inch, the highest in the market.
On top of that, the Samsung S6 follows the example of Apple's mobile payment system with Samsung Pay, and takes a risk with its solid, home-made Exynos processor. The S6 also features a 16-megapixel camera with an LED flash, plus a sensor to monitor your heart rate. I also supports the new version of the Virtual Reality accessory Gear VR.
How much is a galaxy S6 ? Well, the price goes from $278.95 without a service plan, making it an accessible device.

Flat glass and matte metal body, enhanced fingerprint reader and opportune camera shortcut, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a truly amazing phone inside and out. Its tasteful style and top of line specifications make the Samsumg Galaxy 6 a phone to consider.