The Best Black Friday iPhone? Hint: Not the iPhone 12

Black Friday iPhone deals that don't end on Black Friday

Best iPhone Black Friday Deals

We Love Black Friday iPhone Deals... Even When it isn't Black Friday

Many people are excited about the new iPhone 12… except for us here at Back Market! But it’s not because we don’t like iPhones… far from it! We love iPhones so much that we’ve made it our job to get you the very best iPhone deal for this Black Friday!

Not ready to pounce on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday iPhone discount? That's OK! We think Black Friday and Cyber Monday are kinda silly, we'll have great iPhone deals year-round, so no pressure if you want to steer clear of these shopping holidays :D

The Best Black Friday iPhones are the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Now that the new iPhone 12 is out, last year’s iPhones are cheaper than ever before. And the thing is that the 11 and 11 Pro were both very impressive iPhones in terms of processing speed, battery life, and camera performance. They beat virtually all their Android rivals in these three main areas, not to mention any iPhones that came before them.

When the iPhone 11 Pro was released, it had that ridiculous starting price of $1000 (yikes) but now you can find one for around $700 on Back Market. And if you go for the standard iPhone 11, you can find a lot of deals for around $600.

And the best thing about these deals is that they come with the same kind of warranties and money back guarantees that you’d see coming with a new iPhone thanks to the fact that these devices are certified refurbished.

Don’t Buy the New iPhone SE—The Refurbished iPhone 8 is Super Cheap Now

There’s nothing wrong with the 2020 iPhone SE—it’s a great phone and it comes with newer internals than the iPhone 8, but in the same body. If you want a cheap iPhone that is still a great performer and gives you the best value for your dollar, the iPhone 8 is a much better choice. Why? Because now you can get a refurbished iPhone 8 for around $200, and quite frankly, that’s a steal.

And if you want a slightly bigger screen, consider checking out our best iPhone 8 Plus deals.

Best Black Friday iPhone 8 Deals

The Best iPhone X Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The iPhone X was the first iPhone to come with a starting price of $999. I still remember the day I first saw that price tag, and I still can’t believe that Apple were able to sell that phone for that much money. But thanks to Back Market, the iPhone X no longer costs $999. As a matter of fact, you can find a ton of iPhone X Black Friday deals for under $400. Wow, this phone was only released 3 years ago, and we’ve already slashed the price by more than 60%! And despite these price cuts, all our discounted iPhone X models come with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

And For Just a Smidge More, You Can Buy a Black Friday iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is nearly identical to the X in every way, and this model will cost you under $500. Once again, it’s unbelievable to get a 50% discount on a Black Friday iPhone that’s only 2 years old and still comes with the warranties and guarantees that you’d expect from a new device. And even if you just missed Black Friday, don't worry. We're sure to have some of the best iPhone XS deals all year long, it's part of our commitment to our customers :D

iPhone XS Black Friday Deals

And Let’s Not Forget About the Black Friday iPhone XR

The only recent iPhone series that we haven’t mentioned is the Black Friday iPhone XR, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the best deals going on right now. If you need an iPhone with a lot of battery life, the iPhone XR easily gets more battery life than the X and XS, and also comes in at under $400. But keep in mind that this phone is a little chunkier but also comes with a bigger screen that’s great if you watch a lot of YouTube or read a lot of content on your phone. Also great if you love playing games on your phone :D

Best iPhone XR Black Friday Deals

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