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Ok, so right off the bat, I’m sure you know that $100 is a very low price to pay for any kind of computer. And back in the day, somebody may have called you crazy for thinking that you could find a laptop for this amount of money.

But now it’s 2020, and you’ve found this mystical place called “Back Market” that may be able to help you find that laptop deal that was once impossible. No, you probably won’t be able to play the craziest new video games on any of these machines, but who needs those!? Maybe you’re a student who already has an Xbox for video games (if you don't already have an Xbox One, we have some great Xbox deals at Back Market, too! Or maybe you're more of a Playstation person?). Anyways, you’re looking to get some work done on your laptop, and you want it done on a budget.

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Decisions, Decisions...

As I said before, these refurbished laptops won’t be for everybody. If you’re thinking about gaming, you’re going to need to spend more money. If you’re going to be using top-notch editing programs for tweaking photos or producing videos, this category of laptop isn’t for you. If you’re doing anything more than basic web tasks, you’re going to need a higher-end refurbished laptop.

Did you know that in the year 2000, only about 50% of Americans used the Internet? Compare that to 90% in 2019. That's a lot more people surfing the web. Surf's up... who wants to go to Hawaii?

But let’s say that you’re just looking for something to browse the Internet. Maybe you want to take some notes for a class. You probably want to check your email. Maybe you’re looking to get somebody their first “starter” laptop. Maybe you just want something to watch YouTube videos or read the news? 

Then guess what… you’ve come to the right place! Welcome! Ciao! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Siri, how do you say “Hello” in… hmmm… what are some other popular languages? Oh, the laptop deals, right. Let’s get back on track. 

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HP Chromebook 14 14-inch

Have you ever owned an HP before? Their computers are known to last, and this one is likely no exception. For under $100 you’re getting a 14-inch screen (larger than the biggest screen option on a MacBook Air), an SSD (Solid State Drive—this is what you want as opposed to an HDD if you’re going for long-term reliability), and Chrome OS. What does that mean?

So Chrome OS is based off Chrome (the best Internet browser that exists right now, thank you Google). Although Chromebooks can’t access as many software programs as Windows computers, they are undeniably more secure, offer more value at lower price points, are easier to use, and are simply a better choice for many users. Unless you’re an advanced user that needs specific tools that are only available on Windows, a Chromebook is probably a better laptop for your needs. 

Warning! We're getting into some technical territory now! But don't worry, I'll try to make it easy to understand :D

Here’s another reason why I suggest getting a Chromebook: at this price range, it would be hard to find a Windows or Mac with an SSD. SSDs are known for being more reliable and lasting longer than HDDs. But what are SSDs and HDDs? Do you want me to get geeky? Yes? Okay!

So SSDs are solid state drives, which quite literally means they are solid and contain no moving parts. They’re basically just a ton of microchips clumped together. HDDs, or hard disk drives, are complex mechanical gadgets that write and store data. Platters, spindles, actuator arms, and a plethora of other complex mechanical components can be found inside an HDD. Moving parts are fun to look at, but when it comes to computers, you want to keep them at a minimum.

So just to reiterate, this computer doesn’t have one of these! And I will make sure to focus on other suggestions that also have SSDs! You’re welcome!

This HP should still be in stock, but keep in mind that many of these deals fly off the shelves quickly! Therefore, sometimes you may not be able to find this exact product in our inventory, but we always have a ton of similar deals that keep coming, so make sure to check the following links often! Yay for refurbished laptops!

Dell Chromebook 7310 13-inch

I had to put this one on the list. This is an absolute steal for the price. This refurbished laptop has a sleek body, an SSD, and a 13.3-inch screen (my personal favorite screen size). This also runs on Chrome OS, so if you’re looking for something that is simple and easy to use, this budget laptop has your name written all over it.

The environment will love you for shopping with us. Did you know that you're saving around 50 oz of electronic waste by buying a used laptop from Back Market?

Another note about the storage space on this computer—since Chrome OS is Internet-based, you don’t get much onboard storage (16GB). Not to worry, though. Google gives you a deal that gives you 100GB of Google Drive storage for a limited time.

100GB! Wawa-weewa! That's enough to store about 33,000 pictures, 20,000 songs, or 22 tons of awesomeness! Don't ask how I got that weight measurement for awesomeness...

Lenovo ThinkPad X131E 11-inch

Ok, I know I made a big deal about SSDs earlier, and this refurbished laptop has an HDD. But this HDD has 320GB of storage, which makes this cheap laptop a sweet deal. And unlike the Chromebooks that we looked at earlier, this machine runs Windows! This makes this laptop ideal for school projects that may require the Microsoft platform. It even comes with an HDMI port if you want to plug in a screen, which is fairly unusual for products in this price range. And did I mention that it’s a Lenovo ThinkPad? Many people praise this series of laptops for its utilitarian design and rock-solid reliability.


Samsung Series 3 11-inch

This Chromebook has a smaller screen than the other budget laptops on this list, but maybe you want something portable? Samsung is known for making devices of all kinds that are sleek, sexy, and sturdy. This machine comes equipped with Chrome OS and an SSD, so expect it to still be running well, despite the fact it’s eight years old.

You think these Samsung computers look sleek? You should take a tour to the refurbished Samsung Galaxy, I heard it's like a really cool place where a lot of hip people like to hang out. 

Dell Latitude 13-inch

I honestly don’t know how this deal is even possible. A Windows laptop with a 13-inch screen and a 128GB SSD. It may have its years, but I have a feeling this cheap laptop still has a lot of life left in it. Enjoy it before it’s gone. Under $100. Unbelievable. What a steal. Hey… welcome to Back Market.

Did you know: If you're looking for something for just taking notes, a refurbished netbook may be the best product for you! They're usually super portable, uber affordable, and have a considerable battery life. Chromebooks are considered to be a type of netbook. 

MacBook 13.3-inch

Yes, it’s an old MacBook, and it technically isn’t under $100, but this deserves a mention on this list, regardless. Mac OS delivers an experience that is different from Windows or Chrome OS, and if you’re a creative type, this may be a better option for you. I remember using these old-school Mac laptops when I was finishing my undergrad a couple years ago. There was something about the iconic plastic clamshell design that made them loveable, even if they weren’t the newest or fastest laptops anymore. If you’re willing to stretch your budget a little upwards of $100, one of these MacBooks may be the perfect budget laptop for you.

Emails, emails... You'll probably be sending a lot of those on whatever laptop you end up buying... But can you believe that the first email was sent in 1971?! Pretty cool, huh? 

P.S. I always really enjoyed the photo and video editing tools that Apple bundles together with their computers. Modern videos may be a little too much for this machine, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it still does a good job doing some simple edits on the photos from your last walk or vacation.

If you want to get something a little more premium from Apple, check out these refurbished Macbook Pro deals! The Pro is such a nice computer, and you can find a few on this page that go for $300.

Why Back Market?

Unlike other online retailers, we offer 1-year warranties on all our refurbished products (including all these laptops I just mentioned!). And if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back, no questions asked, within 30 days! You shouldn't feel as if you're taking a risk when making your next purchase. You're safe with us :D

We hope you join the Back Market community. We promise we’ll try our best to help you get a great device for a great price. 

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