Are you looking for a Black Friday iPad sale?

You can save money by opting for a refurbished iPad any day of the year. Why not buy a refurbished iPad this Black Friday?

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Looking for Black Friday 2021 iPads deals?

If you’ve been searching for an iPad, the thought of waiting for Black Friday sales might have crossed your mind once, twice, maybe even thrice. Sure, there are deals everywhere on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — and some folks might think these days are the best chance they’ll have at finding a cheap price on an iPad. 

But if you want to get your hands on the best value, a refurbished iPad is your best bet. Not only can you skip the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, but you can also find all the Apple devices you need on Black Friday or Cyber Monday — any day,  really. Because at Back Market, we have the best deals on iPads and other Apple devices every day of the year. 

Black Friday deals can be scary — trust us, we've been there! It's Black Friday all year long here at Back Market, without any of the pressure, craziness, or crowds. And that's something we'd all like to avoid, right?


👉 So, take your time. You’ll be able to find super deals on iPads whenever you feel like it and check our Black Friday iPad deals 2021.

Black Friday iPad deals: What do we expect to see

Well, no different from any other year: a lot of sham sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are notorious for having sales that don’t offer real deals — oftentimes deals are just marginally discounted (think $20 or $30 off), which doesn’t make a difference when you’re buying an iPad.

Seriously, $20 or $30 off of an item that can cost upwards of $1,000 isn't anything special. Don't be fooled by supposed Black Friday iPad deals that don't save you more than a nice meal out.

This year, there’s the added wrinkle of shipping delays. Retailers have been sounding the alarms about shipping delays for this upcoming holiday season 🎁, which means waiting around for the Black Friday iPad deals won’t be the safest bet.

Should you buy an iPad before Black Friday?

November 26th is the official kick-off date for this year's Black Friday iPad deals, but you don't have to wait until then to save money. At Back Market, we have the best iPad deals all year long. 

Hit our early sales whenever you feel like it because our Apple items are on sale all year long. If you want to pick something up for a gift, we do suggest that you purchase it sooner rather than later (those pesky shipping delays!). If you're looking for the best Apple deals, you'll find them with us.

If you're not a part of the Apple fan club, Back Market has other tablets at equally low, low prices. With great deals on refurbished tech (especially popular devices like iPads), there's no need to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

If you're looking for Black Friday tips, ours is to skip the "holiday" altogether.


How long do Black Friday iPad deals last?

Black Friday is often looked at as the biggest sale of the year, where you can count on getting the best deal on Apple iPads. The only drawback is that Black Friday only lasts for a limited time — usually a week. Plus, so-called "early sales" usually only offer an additional $10 or $20 off the original price. 

And sometimes, these “amazing” deals really aren't all that amazing depending on what you're looking for in an iPad. During this time of year, it can seem like we save all of our holiday shopping for Black Friday deals. It's easy to not realize that you can get deals all the time when you buy refurbished tech. Picking up gifts early is also a lot less stressful.💚


Black Friday iPad deals you can shop today

An Apple iPad, depending on if it's an iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro, could cost over $1,000. And while you can sometimes find a good deal on a new iPad, you’re guaranteed to find an iPad that actually suits your needs by shopping refurbished.

On Back Market, you can usually find a 4th generation 2020 (12.9-inch) iPad Pro for under $900 or a 4th generation 10.86-inch iPad Air for under $500. Last but not least, we can't forget about the iPad Mini in Space Gray, which you ca usually find for under $400. With all of these great options and great prices, get that perfect gift for them (or yourself) today. 💸

Which is the newest iPad?

You may be wondering about new iPad models. We love tech too, so we get that! The newest iPads out there include the iPad Mini 6 and the 9th generation standard iPad. The thing about Black Friday iPad deals is that the newest models usually aren't on sale. That's one more reason why it pays to check out refurbished options on our site instead. You may also want to hold off on any Black Friday iPad deals if you do plan on picking up a refurbished model once it hits our site in a few months' time. It's worth the wait!


Which iPad is best for me?

Deciding which Apple iPad is best for you depends on what you're looking for in a tablet. With options ranging from the iPad Air to the iPad Pro and iPad Mini, there's a lot to choose from. For example, the 9th-generation Apple iPad (in the standard 10.2-inch model) is widely considered to be the best all around-tablet for most people. The iPad Mini (6th gen) is great for note-taking and creative portable work, which makes it perfect for students.


The standard iPad sometimes gets pushed to the side. Did you know that Apple actually sells 5 different types of iPads?! Don't get hung up on special names like Air, Mini, or Pro. A lot of people do just fine with the standard iPad.  

iPad Air

The iPad Air 4 is one of the best iPads out there. The screen quality, charging speed, and affordability make this Apple item one of its best. The iPad 4 is the oldest device Apple has on offer, but that said they did improve on it from the previous model. Many features previously exclusive to the iPad Pro are now included in the Air. Thanks, Apple!

iPad mini

If you're more interested in an iPad that can fit in the palm of your hand (okay, we're exaggerating, but you get the idea), opt for an Apple iPad Mini. There aren't likely to have many Black Friday iPad deals on the latest 2021 model, but we've got your back for older models like the iPad Mini 4. This 8.3-inch Apple device is powerful yet petite. 

Instead of waiting around for Black Friday iPad deals, snag your iPad Mini with us.

iPad Pro

The cream of the crop, the best of the best, and likely to be the star of all of the Black Friday deals is the iPad Pro. This is Apple's most luxe iPad offering, and the price reflects it. That said, you can still find plenty of iPad Pro options on Back Market. And the best deal you might find this Black Friday will be at Back Market. How about an iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd gen for under $600?

You'll also have to consider storage capacity, so it really depends on personal preference. Shopping for refurbished tech creates more opportunities to browse older models that might have just what you're looking for. And, since all of the devices on Back Market come with 30 days to change your mind and a 1-year warranty, you’ll have the same buying experience that you would have with a new Apple product. Even the best sales on Black Friday can't beat the fact that we offer deals We also offer free shipping!

 So why wait for Black Friday deals? 👀

Buying a refurbished Apple iPad before Black Friday sales

Contrary to misconceptions about modern tech, smartphones and tablets are built to last. Apple devices are known for receiving updates for a very long time. We don’t need the newest device when our current iPhone or iPad works just fine. Though there's no official guarantee given by Apple for how long a device will receive the newest operating system upgrades, you can expect an iPad to be supported for at least 5 years.

So there’s a lot of life in these smart devices. But what exactly does this mean for you: the consumer?  💁‍♀️ It means that you can save money by getting a refurbished iPad that works like a new iPad Air or iPad Mini without breaking the bank buying one from Apple. It means you can get a great deal before or after Black Friday. You’ll get the same product with the same software support and warranties if you buy from Back Market. So this year, you can skip the Black Friday iPad deals and Cyber Monday sales. Refurbished tech year-round gives you the cheat code to savings.


Our suggestion for getting the best deal on a renewed iPad

Look through our site and search for an iPad Air or an iPad Mini that’s a couple of years old. For this season's Black Friday iPad deals, the golden value window will be for any new iPad released between 2017 and 2019. You can get an even older iPad and save even more money, but we don’t want you getting a device that is slowing down or is no longer receiving the more recent iPadOS updates from Apple. Remember, it's important to find an iPad that works with your needs.

If you want a Black Friday iPad deal with a little more oomph than a standard iPad, consider buying a used and refurbished iPad Pro. These models have more powerful internals than standard iPads and also feature an even more premium chassis. They’re great if you’re planning on doing some serious gaming or image/video editing.

So should you skip the Black Friday iPad deals?

Is it really worth waiting for Black Friday iPad deals to save some money on the newest model, or would you rather do a little bit of research and find the perfect iPad for your needs right now. 

Sure, the temptation to get the latest iPad at a slightly lower price is out there, but you can still get that 12.9-inch iPad Pro for half of its retail value now when you buy refurbished. Black Friday iPad deals will come and go every year, but Back Market has consistent deals at all times — no Black Friday discount needed. ⭐

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