Mac desktop sales Cyber Monday 2020

Cyber Monday Desktop Deals Guide: Refurbished Computers

Buy a Mac or Microsoft desktop refurbished for Cyber Monday 2022

Why Buy a Refurbished Desktop for Cyber Monday?

If you need a powerful desktop computer for the lowest price possible, consider getting a refurbished desktop for Cyber Monday. What’s so great about refurbished Cyber Monday desktop deals? They often look like brand new computers, and come with the same great warranties and money back guarantees you’d expect from new products, but at much better prices.

Our Favorite Cyber Monday Computer Deals

Windows desktops and all-in-one computers are great choices for this Cyber Monday because so many of us are still forced to work from home. Desktop computers offer much more comfortable usage than laptops, while often being cheaper and more powerful. And some desktops can even be portable, such as the Mac Mini! This thing is small enough to fit inside a bag and light enough to carry to work, but of course you will need to have a separate monitor/keyboard/mouse wherever you may want to bring it.

Get a Cyber Monday iMac Deal for Legendary Productivity :P

If you’re looking for a cheap Cyber Monday iMac, the refurbished market is your best bet. These computers are pretty expensive, unfortunately, despite looking very sleek :’( But they are great for productivity and more comfortable to use than a laptop. Their minimalist design and aluminum edges make them quite attractive in terms of looks, and any photo/video editor would love owning one of these machines. But if you plan on working with long-form professional video or other memory-intensive projects, make sure to buy a model that has upgraded internals and a relatively new processor. The iMac 27" is super nice for creative professionals thanks to its super-sized display :D

The Ultimate Cyber Monday Apple Desktop Deal: The Cyber Monday Mac Pro

As a video editor myself, I’ve long been dreaming of owning a Mac Pro. And this Cyber Monday, if you really want a machine that has the power to execute even your longest and most elaborate creative projects, you should be looking for a Cyber Monday Mac Pro deal.

New Mac Pros are really expensive, but thanks to the refurbished market, you can get the older “trashcan” version of the Mac Pro that’s still plenty powerful for about the same price of a new MacBook! That’s quite amazing if you ask me. And if you’re not ready to buy now, no need to rush :) We try to have some of the most competitive deals year round, so come back and get your Cyber Monday Mac Pro deal whenever you have the time and money to do that really big creative project you were always dreaming of! At Back Market, it’s always Cyber Monday :D

Other Cyber Monday Computer Deals

Maybe after reading this you realized that a Cyber Monday laptop deal is a better choice for you. Or maybe you still need some time to save up more money to buy the computer you really want. Whichever the case, it’s OK :) We’re fighting overconsumption and e-waste, so we only want you to buy what you absolutely need when you’re 100% ready!

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