Samsung Galaxy Cyber Monday Deals 2020 Refurbished

Cyber Monday Android Deals: Buy or Wait?

Buy a refurbished Android for Cyber Monday for the best savings

Cyber Monday can be Frustrating… Grrr

Maybe you really want to buy an Android phone for this Cyber Monday. We don’t blame you. Tech is expensive, and we all want to wait until the time of the year that we expect the best deals. But unfortunately, large retailers seldom have truly jaw-dropping Cyber Monday deals on Androids or iPhones, which may leave you scratching your head. But we don’t want you to lose hope. If you’re frustrated looking for a deal on a new Android phone, consider shopping for one that’s refurbished; you can buy a mint condition refurbished smartphone from a couple years ago that costs a lot less than a newer model.

The Best Android Phones to buy this Cyber Monday

We have a few recommendations if you want to buy a refurbished Cyber Monday Android. The top Android brands right now in the US are Samsung, Google Pixel, and OnePlus, so any of the recent handsets from these brands should be reliable options. Keep in mind that Android phones do not receive updates for as long as their Apple counterparts, so if it’s important for you to always have the newest operating system version, consider buying a Google Pixel. Even though these phones generally don’t look as impressive/fancy as handsets from Samsung and OnePlus, they receive 3 years of major Android OS updates after their release date, which is longer than any other Android manufacturer. They’re also the first ones to get the updates since Google (the makers of Android) make these devices themselves.

Can you buy a Cyber Monday Android phone that’s no longer getting updates?

If you want to buy an older Android phone for Cyber Monday, first check if they are still getting security updates. Some devices—like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8—are still receiving Android security patches, even if they are no longer able to install the newest version of Android OS.

And if you want to save more money and buy an older Android that is no longer getting security updates, try to avoid inputting sensitive personal or financial information while using the device.