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Galaxy Note9 512 GB - Blue - Unlocked

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Tom D.


Reviewed in United States on December 1, 2022

The Note 9 is perfect. Down here in key west things are mocho expensive. Replacing the cracked screen was more than replacing with a refurbished unit. Happy happy.

Purchased on the November 19, 2022


Nolen C.


Reviewed in United States on August 21, 2022

The phone is in excellent shape, but there isn't a stylist. . The hole for the stylist is covered with some kind of metal plug. . The plug matches the color and finish of the phone. . The pictures online showed the phone with a stylist.

Purchased on the August 10, 2022


Dayana P.


Reviewed in United States on January 26, 2023

I got the very good condition and he phone came and so far everything seems to be working perfectly. The sound works great on both media and calls. There's nothing wrong with the microphone or cameras. The one thing I will say is the screen came with a small but noticeable scratch on it. Not a deal breaker though. As soon as I put a screen protector on it's not noticeable anymore.

Purchased on the January 14, 2023


Patrick M.


Reviewed in United States on September 19, 2022

The phone was an exact duplicate of my broken phone at a fraction of the cost of a new phone. It was easy to transfer all data to the new phone. Its just like my old phone never broke. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Purchased on the September 8, 2022


Peter H.


Reviewed in United States on December 15, 2022

The phone, the "good condition" Galaxy Note 9, I received was in excellent condition. It was delivered promptly as promised and worked perfectly. It had a very good battery almost like new. The stylus was missing but was sent promptly upon notification. This is my second time to buy phone from Back Market. The first was a very positive experience as well. I appreciate the good product and the great service of this place.

Purchased on the December 2, 2022


Jeffrey H.


Reviewed in United States on August 29, 2022

Despite the glowing reviews, I was a little skeptical, since I'd never used this site until now. Sometimes I get kinda paranoid about smaller websites having fake reviews, but I can promise that the reviews here are legit. Phone showed up in perfect condition in a surprisingly nice little box. Came with a cable and, surprisingly, a charger too. The device itself was great and ran just as I'd expect from a flagship phone. Ended up having to get rid of it to switch to Visible's service, which requires a more recent phone to use, but I was very happy with the device while I had it! As a digital artist, it was great having a stylus to take notes and doodles on the go.

Purchased on the June 7, 2022


Gabriel F.


Reviewed in United States on January 14, 2023

I was hoping for a CDMA unlocked phone, but this one will do. I guess I didn't select something. Anywho, the phone is great! Display has some burn in, but there are hardly any scratches. There was a screen protector on it that I happily removed. The sides of the phone have some paint peel, but for the price, I can definitely overlook that. Back glass is near flawless. It has the S-pen! Overall I'm happy with the phone

Purchased on the January 2, 2023

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note 9 512GB - Blue - Unlocked 

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Galaxy Note9 - 512 GB - Blue - Unlocked

  • Color : Blue
  • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : Unlocked GSM
  • Screen size (inches) : 6.4
  • Storage : 512 GB
  • Model : Galaxy Note9
  • Network : GSM
  • Memory : 8 GB
  • Processor speed : 2.8 GHz
  • Processor brand : Qualcomm
  • Processor Core : 8
  • Megapixels : 12
  • OS : Android
  • Resolution : 1440 x 2960
  • Connector : USB-C + Jack 3.5mm
  • Release Date : August 2018
  • Double SIM : No
  • Manufacturer Ref. : SM-N960U1
  • Verizon compatible : Yes
  • AT&T compatible : Yes
  • T-Mobile compatible : Yes
  • Sprint Compatible : No
  • U.S. Cellular compatible : Yes
  • Release Year : 2018
  • Memory Card Slot : Yes
  • SAR head : 1.29
  • SAR body : 1.03
  • Dual SIM : Single-SIM
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Weight : 7 oz

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