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Backers ratings on our Our hottest deals :

Luis C. - 18/03/19


Great webs

bob d. - 15/03/19


WOW! Not a single blemish on this device. Booted up, installed all apps, tested cam, tested BT, tested GPS. Most of all...Battery held an impressive charge, I'd swear this pixel was new if it came pkg'd like new!

Rebecca D. - 14/03/19


yes, well it seems to take a bit to charge, maybe need a better or faster? charger.... though now i need a case i wish you would go ahead and offer these at the same time... it just makes sense. the two i bought before also need cases. you have to have a case. they should just be sold together. PEOPLE NEED CASES. these things are slippery as fish ....!!!!!!

Helen B. - 12/03/19


So far/so good. Ordering was easy. Hopefully product will be as great as I expect it to be.

Jason C. - 11/03/19


About "My order" info ... it is not clearly reflecting some important details of my order: I specifically want only Sprint iPhone SE, Model A1723 (of course, with 128GB storage) and did so (by choosing "Sprint") when I submitted my order, The title line only showed "iPhone SE 128GB Space Gray - Unlocked". However, my order URL ( did include and show "Manufacturer Ref. : A1723 . So I still hopefully that only the A1723 will be correctly shipped for me. Thanks for your attention. -Jason

Scott G. - 11/03/19


When I ordered Silver grade I was a little speculative about how the quality would be compared to Gold/Shiny, but the phone came on time and in great condition. Looked brand new, couldn't see a single scratch on it. I am very pleased with my order. Already made my next purchase on Back Market for smartphones.

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