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Backers ratings on our Best Deals :

Patrick m. - 14/01/19

  • 7/7

Delivered to my home in 2 days! I could not tell the phone from new! Packaged very well started right up. Swap sim card from my old phone, downloaded from the cloud, manually entered a bit of info and I was off and running. I wanted an SE because of the size. Thus all of my old 5s cases and accessories are interchangeable. I am not into the hype of having the newest, coolest phone around thus buying one that met all my needs at a great price was perfect. I was not just pleased with the quality of the phone I was enthused! this will be my "go-to" site for future phone

Bob H. - 12/01/19

  • 5/7

The iPad works fine but I was very disappointed with the screen being scratched in several spots. One spot was long and deep. They don't show when the screen is lit but it was still very disappointed

Casey P. - 11/01/19

  • 7/7

We received a great product which arrived exactly as described, with wonderful service, and an easy mobile app for purchasing and tracking all the way to our door. Thanks Back Marke, The Pledgers

Damian J. - 05/01/19

  • 7/7

Great quality

Cesar V. - 04/01/19

  • 6/7

The smartphone is in great condition... it didn’t come with earphones, Imacket sent me an 1633 (att, but unlocked) and not a 1688 like it says on the advertisement... other than that is great and they sent me a mirror screen protector, and like it says on the Silver condition it has some minor scratches... but definitely I will order more phone from this place

Michele H. - 04/01/19

  • 7/7

I just want to say that this phone was beyond amazing!! I know that I bought a grade "gold" but seriously this phone looks brand new and works perfectly! And on top of the everything I just want to say that the customer service is AWESOME!!! You have a customer for life! Tahnk

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