Should You Wait for Black Friday to Buy a Nintendo Switch?

No need to wait till Black Friday for a Black Friday Nintendo Switch discount

Nintendo Switch Black Friday

Black Friday is Overrated if You Want a Nintendo Switch

Many big retailers try to hype up Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They promise all these big deals and discounts for this one day, and then give only a small price cut on your desired product. Thanks to the refurbished market, this no longer needs to be the case. Back Market has deals that can beat all major retailers, all year long. So if you really want a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal, don't feel like you need to wait till Black Friday, just hop on the bandwagon and shop refurbished :D

Will there be a Nintendo Switch Black Friday Sale?

If you search for Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, you may realize that you're not seeing many (or any) significant discounts from big retailers on new Switches. And that's OK! On the refurbished market, you'll be able to find deals year round, so whenever you're ready to buy a Nintendo Switch, we'll be here waiting :) No rush!

Should I Buy a Nintendo Switch Now?

Regardless of what time of year it is, you'll always be able to find a better deal on the Nintendo Switch if you search the refurbished market. If you see a good deal on a refurbished Switch that's in mint condition, we suggest going for it, even if it isn't Black Friday!

What is the Cheapest Price on a Nintendo Switch?

If you search the refurbished market, you may be able to find a Switch deal for under $200. That's a pretty good deal, especially if the listing you find is in mint condition :)

Should I Get a Nintendo Switch Lite for this Black Friday?

If you want a Switch that can plug up to a dock to use with a TV, go for the original Switch. The Lite version doesn’t have this feature. The Lite is also missing the rumble motor, IR camera, and Joy-Cons(!) It also has a slightly smaller screen. Thankfully, though, it compensates for these shortcomings with a D-pad and $199 MSRP.

So if it’s ok that you can’t dock this console with your TV and just want a portable game device, consider buying a refurbished Switch Lite.

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