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iPhone 8: An Underdog Story

Everybody loves writing reviews of the newest iPhones and raving on about how they’re the best thing ever—but are they really the best value for you? I think the iPhone 8 begs to differ. 

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When the iPhone 8 was released in September 2017, there wasn’t that much excitement around it. It looked almost the same as the iPhone 7 that was released a year before, and diehard Apple fans were eagerly waiting for the iPhone X, which was released a few months later in November of that year. 

But now, the refurbished iPhone 8 is back with an almost-vintage vengeance.

If I like vintage stuff, am I officially a hipster? Or are there other qualifications that are required for that title? Does anybody here have the answer?

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Looking at a Used iPhone 8

If you pick up an iPhone 8, you’ll notice that there isn’t really anything different about it if you compare it to older generations of iPhones. All the basic components are there: volume rocker, vibrate switch, power button, home button, etc. But if it’s so similar in every single way, then why would you buy one? Exactly because it’s like every iPhone that came before it in all the right ways. 

"Peak iPhone"

For a couple of years now, many analysts have been saying that we have reached “Peak iPhone.” This essentially means that everybody who wants an iPhone has one already, and no big revolutions have occurred to incentivize people to buy newer models en masse. The iPhone X was created to change the slowing smartphone market, but it had little impact. Orders soared when the iPhone X was released in Fall 2017, but in early 2018 the iPhone 8 actually overtook the iPhone X in sales figures. What does this mean?

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The Perfect iPhone

The iPhone 8 didn’t innovate much over the models before it, but the figures show us that it didn’t need to. While the iPhone X was discontinued less than a year after it was released, the iPhone 8 is still selling and going strong well into 2020. And Apple is still producing it (although it will probably be phased out at sometime in late 2020). Point is, it’s a great iPhone, and the fact Apple has been selling it for so many years proves this.

The iPhone 8 wasn’t revolutionary, not in the slightest way. One of the only new features it introduced that distinguished it from previous iPhones was wireless charging (which many people don’t use anyways)—but it honestly doesn’t matter. Why? Because maybe the iPhone was already perfect before the iPhone 8 was introduced.

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Why the Refurbished iPhone 8 is the Perfect Choice

The iPhone 8 has been around for a while, but Apple is still milking the cow. They know they can still make money selling it because it’s an awesome phone. Well, we say phooey! Blegh! Arrgh!!! As great as the iPhone 8 is, it simply isn’t worth over $400 in 2020. Right now, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 8 on Back Market for under $200 with a sweet 1-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. And if you want a cheap iPhone 8 that's unlocked, check out our unlocked phones page!

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