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How much storage does an iPhone need today?

Let's talk about how much storage you need in an iPhone.

What's a Good Amount of Storage Space for an iPhone?

So you want to buy an inexpensive used iPhone, but maybe you don’t know how much storage space you need. Not a problem! Depending on how you plan to use your iPhone, the answer to this question may be a little different.

1. How Much Storage Space For The Light User, or Older Family Member?

If you’re buying an iPhone for an older parent or somebody who isn’t very tech savvy, you probably aren’t expecting them to utilize a lot of storage on their used iPhone. They probably aren’t going to download many apps, take a lot of photos, or install a ton of music on the device. But then again, you never know. Maybe they’ll take a liking to the device and start using it more than you expected. For this reason, we think 16GB is too few, but 32GB or 64GB should be enough :D

2. How Much Storage Space Does a Teen Need for Their First iPhone?

Teens are a different ball game. I know you probably don’t want your child to be addicted to their phone, but at the same time you want them to have enough storage space to install all their favorite apps so they can mingle with their friends :D If they like to take a lot of pictures or videos, you’ll want to take that into consideration, too. Therefore, sorry to say, but you might have to pay a higher price to get an iPhone with enough storage space for them: probably 256GB ☹ But thanks to Back Market, you can get a refurbished iPhone in mint condition that will give you this kind of storage for much less than the Apple Store! As much as we all love Apple iPhones, extra storage often comes at a big jump in price, so you can often end up paying a lot more than you expected for the newest iPhone.

3. How Much Storage Space Does a Business Professional Need in an iPhone?

Maybe you’re buying a refurbished iPhone as a gift for that special someone in your life that’s always on the go and uses their iPhone for business? They probably won’t have the time to be taking as many selfies or trying out as many apps as a teen, but they’ll want an iPhone that can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. Plus, they’re probably going to want to snap some photos of all the fancy places they may be going for business trips :P For this kind of person, we’d suggest getting a refurbished iPhone with 128GB of storage.

If You Need an iPhone with a Lot of Storage Space, It’s Better to Buy Refurbished

As we mentioned before, you’re going to be paying a lot more money if you want to buy an iPhone with more storage space from the Apple Store. There is a big markup for every level of additional storage space that you want ☹ But if you’re looking to buy a refurbished iPhone, that difference often becomes negligible. If you’re specifically looking for an iPhone with a lot of storage space, you can save a lot of money by buying one refurbished as opposed to new.

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