Which iPhone 13 case is best for you?

If you want to protect your tech, a phone case is a no-brainer. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know which case fits your phone and lifestyle. We’re here to help with all the pros and cons of different types of phone cases and the best iPhone 13 cases to keep your phone in tip top shape.

the best iPhone 13 cases
Types of iPhone 13 cases


If you have an iPhone 13, you probably want a protective case to make sure it stays safe from accidental drops, dust, and other damage. There’s a wide world of phone cases that fit every model in the iPhone 13 series, from the fun-size iPhone 13 Mini to the mega-size iPhone 13 Pro Max. Whether you’re looking for a rugged case that can stand up to the elements or a sleek case that shows off your style, there’s something out there for every iPhone user.


Phone cases are made from a wide variety of materials to fit different styles, needs, and budgets. Some of the most common phone case materials are: 

  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Wood


The material that a phone case is made of affects how much protection it provides, how the case looks and feels, and of course the price. Each type of phone case has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular types of iPhone 13 cases.

Silicone iPhone 13 case: best grip


Silicone iPhone 13 cases offer good drop protection, thanks to their shock-absorbing qualities. They’re usually flexible enough that it’s easy to put the case on and remove it as needed without too much hassle. 


Best of all, silicone has a rubbery, non-slip texture that makes it easy to hold on to and less likely to slip out of your hand. The soft-touch texture of silicone means it doesn’t slide as smoothly into pant pockets, though—something to consider if you usually carry your phone in your pocket.

silicone iphone 13 case

Silicone iPhone 13 cases come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that matches your personal style. This material is a great choice for anyone, but we especially recommend it if you tend to be a butter-fingers or have a larger phone like the iPhone 13 Pro Max since the silicone provides excellent non-slip grip and good drop protection.



➕ Shock-absorbent for drop protection 

➕ Non-slip grip feels secure in the hand

➕ Easy to put on and take off

➕ Inexpensive



➖ Dust and dirt stick to silicone more easily than other materials

➖ Silicone tends to show wear on the edges faster than harder materials 

➖ Doesn’t slide smoothly into pockets

Leather iPhone 13 case: most elegant


If you prefer a more elegant accessory to protect your iPhone 13, a leather case can add a sophisticated and stylish touch to your smartphone. There are a variety of different finishes available, as well options for genuine tanned leather or high-quality vegan leather depending on your preferences.


Leather phone cases feel soft and comfortable to hold, and tend to be easier to grip than harder plastic cases. Often, leather cases will have a wallet pocket on the back for those who want more functionality. There are plenty of different colors available for both real and synthetic leather cases, too.

leather iphone 13 case

The classy, elevated look of a leather phone case comes at a higher price than a case made from cheaper materials. While leather itself is known for durability, leather phone cases offer less protection against drops than cases made with shock absorbing materials. If you’re looking for an iPhone 13 case that offers a comfortable grip without sacrificing style, a leather case may be right for you. 



➕ Elegant and stylish look

➕ Relatively non-slip 

➕ Scratch-resistant 



➖ Expensive

➖ Less drop protection than shock-absorbing materials

➖ Harder to clean and maintain

Plastic iPhone 13 case: most affordable


Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials for phone cases, so it stands to reason that you’ll find tons of options for a plastic iPhone 13 case. Not only are cases made from plastic widely available, there’s a practically unlimited number of designs and colors too.


Before you start browsing the many plastic cases out there, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not all plastics are created equal. While plastic can actually be made from a variety of different things, polycarbonate (PC) is often used for cell phone cases. PC is inexpensive and moldable, which makes the manufacturing process fairly easy (hence, why you see so many plastic cases for sale). However, it’s not easy to dispose of—which causes major problems for the planet. When these discarded cases inevitably end up in landfills, they don’t break down and can leach toxins into the soil and groundwater.


Hard plastic phone cases have a smooth surface that makes them more prone to slipping out of your hand. Plastic also provides less drop protection than materials like silicone, so your phone is more at risk for damage from the impact if you do drop it. This is definitely something to consider if you have a larger phone or just tend to be a little clumsy (we don’t judge).

plastic phone cases

While the slick surface of a plastic case is easy to wipe clean, it’s more likely to show scratches and can tend to discolor over time. A hard plastic case is also more susceptible to cracking if you drop your phone. Plastic cases are generally lightweight, so they won’t add a lot of bulk to your phone while protecting against dust and other damage. 


You can find a huge variety of colors and designs to choose from in this material. Clear plastic cases are also very popular. A transparent case is perfect if you prefer a minimal vibe or just love the original color of your iPhone 13.



➕ Cheaper than other materials

➕ Lots of options for colors, designs, and clear cases

➕ Lightweight

➕ Easy to clean



➖ Slips out of your hand easily

➖ Likely to scratch and break 

➖ Not sustainable

➖ Discolors over time

Wood iPhone 13 case: most outdoorsy


A wood phone case is a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cases. Wood is a more sustainable material because it’s regenerative, unlike synthetic materials. If sustainability is important to you, we recommend looking for wood phone cases made from regional wood to minimize the amount of CO₂ emissions used for transport.

wood iphone 13 case

Wood phone covers offer a unique look, since the natural grain of the wood will be slightly different on each case. There are many types of wood and different finishes available to suit your individual preferences. Some wood phone covers can even be engraved for a more personal touch. If you enjoy nature, a wood iPhone 13 case is a nice way to feel connected to the outdoors while protecting your phone.



➕ More unique than most mass-produced cases

➕ Eco-conscious, regenerative material

➕ Natural design and feel



➖ Moisture can cause warping

➖ More expensive than plastic

➖ Shows dents and scratches

Biodegradable and compostable iPhone 13 cases: most sustainable


The iPhone 13 has plenty of forward-thinking features, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to sustainability in the smartphone industry. That goes for cases, too (ahem, plastic…. we’re looking at you). 👀


Thankfully, some companies are stepping up to provide more eco-friendly phone cases. Not only are these protective covers made from sustainable materials, they’re actually biodegradable and compostable to really minimize the environmental impact of these products. Unlike plastic, the material will break down if/when the case is discarded.

sustainable iphone 13 case

Made from plant based materials, these planet-friendly products have a unique look and design. Compostable cases offer protection from drops and dirt, so they’re also doing their part to prevent e-waste (yay for fewer broken phones).  



➕ Sustainable, biodegradable material

➕ Protects against drops, dirt, and damage

➕ Unique look and design



➖ More expensive than plastic

Does wireless charging work with all iPhone cases?

Yes, wireless charging usually works with most phone cases so you won’t need to remove the case to charge your phone. However, cases that are very thick or made of certain metal materials can interfere with wireless charging.

Are plastic phone cases bad for the environment?

Most cell phone cases are made of plastic, which requires a lot of petroleum to produce. Plastic is also difficult to recycle and pollutes the planet's waters for decades. If you want to buy a more sustainable phone case, look for cases made of cork, wood, felt, biodegradable materials, or recycled plastic.

Where can I find sustainable iPhone 13 cases?

At Back Market, we have iPhone 13 cases and screen protectors that are significantly cheaper than many of the options Apple carries. All of our cases are made of recycled material or are biodegradable. Buying a phone case on Back Market not only saves you money, but also does something good for the environment. 🌿

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