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"Chaaaaaaarge" - Yosemite Sam
Our very best Refurbished iPhone 6:

% discount Warranty : months
Grade: {{hero.state_label}} -{{hero.weight}} oz of electronic waste
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Review: Refurbished iPhone 6
«I am very happy with the iPhone I purchased it arrived on time, and works like a new one.»
Eddie S.. - 7/7 the 22/03/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«I was very satisfied with the service. Kept in contact and very satisfied of the company for bein...»
Nick D.. - 7/7 the 20/03/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«Very good no problems with it. No scratches or anything!!!!»
Felicia P.. - 7/7 the 28/02/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«Product in perfect condition, hope it stays that way, only issue was 4 day delivery instead of th...»
Anthony . - 7/7 the 09/12/17 Refurbisher : Mobile Rachat
«I'm happy with the product's condition but don't know yet if it'll function well since it's a gift.»
Christine . - 6/7 the 09/12/17 Refurbisher : Mobile Rachat
«Website recommended by a friend, very satisfied with my purchase (iphone 6 grade gold), in perfec...»
Bridget . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : PMO
«Rapid service and the product works great, perfect condition not disappointed by my first purchase»
Veronica . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : PMO
«Delivery quality inaccurate. See my message on the preceding order.»
NATHALIE . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : Recommerce ®
«product met my expectations, fast delivery, waiting to see how it will turn out later.»
theo . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : Recommerce ®
«For the moment very satisfied, order received in time, product functions well and looks wise exce...»
Melanie . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : Destock One
«Received the day after I made the order, product exactly as I expected. 3 phone purchased here an...»
Peter . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : PMO
«Fast delivery, product like new except for some small scratches on the back but this is easy to f...»
Mike . - 6/7 the 07/12/17 Refurbisher : Love2Recycle
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Refurbished iPhone 6

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