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"Chaaaaaaarge" - Yosemite Sam
Our very best Refurbished iPhone 6:

% discount Warranty : months
Grade: {{hero.state_label}} -{{hero.weight}} oz of electronic waste
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Review: Refurbished iPhone 6
«Was a great experience getting my next phone from Back Market! Will definitely use you again »
Kelli K.. - 7/7 the 10/09/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
RANJIT S.. - 7/7 the 07/09/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«I will definitely be ordering again and have passed your link on to several friends already!»
Regina F.. - 7/7 the 03/09/18 Refurbisher : Walker and Walker Trading
«Arrived in lightning speed. Looked like new. Works perfectly...»
Hamish M.. - 7/7 the 27/08/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«Phone has no flaws at all. Great product and fast service»
Peter P.. - 7/7 the 01/08/18 Refurbisher : Walker and Walker Trading
«It was in great condition only little scratches that’s you can’t see when the phone is on»
Makiya S.. - 7/7 the 01/08/18 Refurbisher : Walker and Walker Trading
«I was skeptical about a refurbished phone, but I see nothing wrong with it! »
Alyssa D.. - 7/7 the 01/08/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«I really enjoyed my experience»
mohammad t.. - 7/7 the 01/08/18 Refurbisher : Walker and Walker Trading
«This experience was nothing-short-of awesome!»
Tracey R.. - 7/7 the 25/07/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«Excellent service. Dude I'm going to tell all my friends. »
Teresa G.. - 7/7 the 16/07/18 Refurbisher : Early Upgrade
«I was pleasantly surprised! It looked brand new, shiny and start up was very easy. »
Ruby K.. - 7/7 the 14/07/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
«It is hard to believe this phone (rated silver, condition wise) is other than brand new.»
janet z.. - 7/7 the 28/06/18 Refurbisher : Smarter-Phone
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Refurbished iPhone 6

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone 6 :
Darrell S.. - le 08/09/18
- 7/7
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