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The used iPhone 7 is one of the best iPhones to buy for Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2020. And also Christmas!

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iPhone 7 32GB - Black Unlocked

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Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Stallone
5 oz of e-waste saved

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162 products

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5 ounces.

In buying a Used & Refurbished iPhone 7, you're helping prevent 5 ounces of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 71 Pringles. Yum-o.

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The iPhone 7 is one of the best iPhones to buy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

The refurbished iPhone 7 may not be the newest iPhone, but it's one of the best iPhones you can get today for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or as a Christmas present. Why? At around $100, there aren't many other iPhones that can compete with this price. And even though this phone was released in 2016, it's still able to run the newest version of iOS (iOS 14). Does the newest iPhone 12 have a nicer display, cameras, and performance? By a little bit, yes, but in our opinion, it really isn't worth the price difference. This $200 iPhone is one of the best iPhones to buy now in terms of value for money.

Why choose a refurbished iPhone 7 for Christmas and holiday shopping?

When opting to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 instead of a new one from the Apple Store, you might be influenced by two factors. Firstly, the price of a reconditioned smartphone is drastically lower than buying new, secondly, a second-hand phone is a much better choice for the planet than buying new, reducing electronic waste, for those of us who are conscious of their ecological footprint.

You won’t regret opting for a used iPhone 7.

Apple, among other tech giants who monopolise the smartphone market, are renowned for their increasingly high price tags, with new models appearing on a yearly basis. Back Market is motivated to give consumers an alternative option, which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A previously used but perfectly reconditioned iPhone 7 exemplifies this motivation. Although the iPhone 7 is a few years old, and new models have since been released, this particular device is a long-standing favourite among iPhone users, known for its high performance and high-tech features. Its design is sleek and stylish and its user interface is intuitive and easy to get around. The operating system is fast, making it a joy to use and the wide display fits perfectly in your hand. Back Market experts put each iPhone 7 through stringent tests and checks to ensure the highest standards are met, before repackaging and sending it to its new owner. The 12-month minimum guarantee shows how confident Back Market is in the quality of their reconditioned smartphones, which are like new.

How to choose your cheap iPhone 7

Now you have got to know what the phone offers, go ahead and select it on the Back Market site. Follow these steps to choose the perfect specification of your iPhone 7 to ensure it suits your needs:

  • Choose from 5 stylish colors: black, gold, rose gold, silver or red
  • Storage capacity: depending on your media consumption choose from 32GB, 128GB or 256GB
  • To finish, confirm that you would like a 12-month guarantee period, in case of any unexpected faults.

Should I buy a used iPhone with a warranty?

It might be tempting to look on popular auction sites or buy-and-sell pages to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 from an individual, however, if you do this you won’t receive a guarantee. Make sure you’re protected from any unexpected faults that may occur in your device, get added peace of mind with Back Market’s 12-month guarantee offered as standard. If your device should happen to be faulty, you can choose from exchanging the device or getting it repaired at no additional cost, or even receiving a full refund. It’s totally risk free.

Get your hands on an iPhone 7 at a fraction of the price with Back Market’s selection of reconditioned smartphones. Alleviate the risk with a 12-month guarantee, meaning no nasty surprises!

Maybe this isn't the iPhone you're looking for? Or maybe you want an unlocked iPhone? Let us help you find the right iPhone :)

Unlocked iPhones are perfect for you if you travel a lot or if you're thinking about changing carriers! There's nothing better than a phone that's flexible with your lifestyle :)