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iPhone 7 32GB Black - Unlocked

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-64% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Bronze
-5 oz of electronic waste

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Apple is evolving its formal concept by surprisingly replacing some handling components of its phone products. Although the iPhone 7 design is attractive, slim and ergonomic, it looks like a real iPhone 6S and the main aesthetic innovation is the arrival of the iPhone 7 colors in jet and mate black, silver, pink and gold hue. A bit smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple iPhone 7 seems to be an excellent smartphone, rich in novelties with a sealed home button that ensures a certified waterproofing system; and unique wireless headphones that sound crippling, but become handy as the headphone jack is now gone. The iPhone 7 is born to present a slow transformation preparing iPhone fans to feel very special ahead of its 10th anniversary. Previously reserved for the Plus version, Apple finally designs to equip its basic iPhone with optical stabilization on the main camera, accompanied with a slightly revised module of 12-megapixel sensors. The slightly wider f1.8 lens allows sufficient light to penetrate when in low light conditions. Photo shoots at dusk that would be difficult and dark shots are now is much brighter. The 4 LED flash powerfully sparks and manages the capture in a completely dark room. For selfies' addicts, the front camera offers up to 7 Megapixels. Except for virtual reality features that will never have enough pixels to operate. The 4.7 inches HD IPS LCD panel gives a density of 326 pixels per inch which stands to be enough resolution on this format to take advantage of all the mobile content available. Overall, the screen of the iPhone 7 opts an average contrast from 1703:1 on the iPhone 6S to 1624:1 on the iPhone 7, a negligible difference and still one of the best contrasts in the market on LCD. Also, a maximum brightness and a balanced luminous reflection offer excellent readability of the screen indoors and outdoors anytime. As Apple still opts for a device security by keeping the fingerprint reader built-in Touch ID, when it comes to performance, the American Company puts top speed mobile chips on the heart of the iPhone 7 Apple by placing the processor A10 Fusion of 4 cores, two of which moderate frequency to handle almost all the classic tasks and boosts heavy tasks such as photography, video capture and 3D video games. Moreover, a 2GB of RAM expands the performance for a smooth response and handy touch. The Apple iPhone 7 is meticulously designed to be used under or around 38 degrees Celsius. During a loop video playback test, the iPhone 7 under the iOS 10.1 held 10 hours 45 minutes, which is a little more than the iPhone 6S. In real conditions, the power will depend on the use of specific apps but Apple’s approach on the iPhone 7 is very promising concerning energy consumption. No more questioning about how much is the iPhone 7 depending on the non-expandable data storage available in 32, 128, 256 GB and regardless of iphone 7 price in usa or any other location, it is impossible to take the new iPhone 7 in vain. It turns like a clock and can hold games, 4K videos, more extensive uses and applications than before. The Apple iPhone 7 software and hardware continually merge with perfection and this version of 7th generation is better than the previous ones. The improvements it brings are paving the way for the next iPhones that will amaze all Apple addicts.