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Is it Worth Buying a Used iPad?

So you found all these great deals on cheap iPads, but don’t know which one you should get? We’re here to help! It can be worth buying a used iPad as long as it isn’t obsolete. You don’t want to get a used iPad that’s too old. If you’re planning on buying a cheap iPad, make sure the model you’re buying can install the latest version of iPadOS. And this will change each year as Apple releases new software updates.

Which Cheap iPads can run the latest iOS?

If you get a cheap iPad that’s too old, you may not be able to install some apps and get some of the features available on newer iPads. So before buying a cheap iPad, you want to check if the version you’re buying can run the newest version of iPadOS. At the time of publication, these iPad models will enable you to install iOS 14 (currently the newest version of iPadOS), so I would suggest looking for a deal on one of these cheap iPad models 😊 Also, keep in mind that the newer the iPad, the longer you can expect it to receive future updates from Apple.

Which Used iPad is Worth Buying?

It really depends what you need from your iPad. The iPad Pro is the most expensive device from the above list, but it’s a great choice if you need a used iPad that can do some intense multitasking and you plan on replacing your laptop entirely with a tablet. But otherwise, just get the regular iPad. It will be more than enough for your needs, even though it doesn’t look as slick as an iPad Pro.

So before buying a cheap iPad, make sure you check what is the latest version of iPadOS it can install and think about what kinds of apps you plan to run on your iPad. And please, don’t go buying a used iPad from 2012 and expect it to be able to install every app that you can find on the App Store. You may still be able to install some apps on an older device like this, but don’t be surprised if some are a no-bueno ☹

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