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Christmas gifts for Grandfathers

Our very best refurbished Christmas Gifts for Grandfathers:

Apple AirPods Pro - White
51% less than brand new
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Fair
Refurbished tech can help reduce e-waste, more than you think.

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Want to get your grandpa some tech for this Christmas?

Has your grandpa ever owned a computer or smartphone? Will this be his first tech device? If so, we suggest getting an iPad or iPhone. These are some of the easiest devices to use, thanks to Apple’s intuitive and simple philosophy behind the design of these devices. Unless your grandfather already has previous experience using a Windows device or MacBook, we suggest avoiding these complex computers. Although a Windows or MacBook computer is great for people that need to get office work done, we don’t recommend these for leisurely tasks like web browsing and keeping up with the rest of the family.

Which iPhone should I buy my grandfather this Christmas?

The iPhone that gives the most bang for the buck at this point in time is probably the iPhone 8. Here’s our case for why we think you should buy an iPhone 8 this Christmas. If you want a more recent iPhone, though, we have another buying guide for the best iPhones to buy this Christmas.

Any advice buying an iPad for Christmas?

As we already said, iPads are super intuitive. But you also shouldn’t buy one that’s too old. iPads are generally supported with software updates for 5 years after their release date, and after that they may lose the ability to use certain apps and other services. Here’s an iPad buying guide that will help you better understand what kind of iPad you should buy and what price point you should aim for.