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The iPhone 6s is stunning. Like the first time around.

Ever so
Just like
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The iPhone 6s is dead.
Long live the iPhone 6s.

The release of the new iPhone unofficially marks a countdown to the impending disappearance of the iPhone 6s.
We’re fighting this injustice and reminding humanity that the iPhone 6s is alive and kicking. Still formidable. Still desirable.
Here to stay.
Watch your back iPhone Xs.


Back the pioneer of the touch revolution.

The iPhone 6s brought the world 3D Touch technology. Preview your apps and access your shortcuts with a flick of a finger. Woosh.


As many pixels as the iPhone X.

The iPhone 6s was the first iPhone to pass the 12 megapixel mark. It’s the secret sauce to those perfect shots. Your insta deserves it.


Revolutionary unwireless technology.

The iPhone 6S is one of the last phones standing that work with a jack. Bluetooth haters rejoice. As do the folks that love Titanic. JAAACK!


Pay with your thumb.

A single thumbprint allows you to unlock your smartphone or pay for your Pringles. The beauty of Touch ID.

IOS 12

Compatible with the IOS of the day.

The iPhone 6s will run on iOS 12. Siri gets smarter, reality gets more augmented, and yay, filters for your photos... All new, and super calienteee.

The iPhone 6s isn’t backing down.

Adopt one that’s like new.
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Refurbished iPhone 6s

Refurbished iPhone 6s

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Backers ratings on our Refurbished iPhone 6s :

Alek J. - 07/04/19


Let me start off by saying that despite the few disappointments, I am rather satisfied with my first experience with Back Market. I purchased an iPhone 6s 64GB rated grade: Gold for $184 and change, a reasonable price for such a device in the described condition. To break it down, The Good: *The exterior of the device in nearly immaculate. *As far as I can tell the device is completely original, no aftermarket repair parts. *All buttons have a good tactile response, ringer switch is smooth. *Cameras function nominally, no damage to the rear lens. *Speaker sounds good, the earpiece is loud and clear. *Ambient light sensor works well, as well as the proximity sensor. *Headphone jack is tight and sounds clear. *Flash works well, all levels of brightness. *Overall a very clean and fully functional device. *The device was very well packaged, a well-sized box, bubble wrap, and a container not unlike the old style clear plastic Apple packaging. The Not So Good: *Because this phone is, as far as I can tell, completely original, the battery life is starting to dwindle. According to the battery health displayed in settings, it claims that battery health is 83% (running iOS 12.2). When my last iPhone (6s Plus) reached 79% it recommended I take the device to be serviced at an Apple Store, and no longer lasted a full day of light use. This isn't a huge problem, as I generally have access to a charger throughout the day, and I will replace the battery once my 6-month warranty has ended. However, I did expect just a little more from a "Gold" rated device. *This is not so much a complaint of the device, but rather of the services. I ordered this phone on 4/7/19 a Sunday, in the afternoon. The only option I was given for shipping was a generic 3-day service per UPS. Great, no problems there, I've always had good experiences with UPS and their estimates, it'll ship out on Monday and I'll receive it on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday at the latest. However, Wednesday came and went, then Thursday, Friday, and still no package, so I checked with the provided tracking number and the last update was, "Jacksonville, FL - 4/10/19". I inspected a little more, checking my order to make sure I had made no mistake. To my surprise, my order claimed that the package had been shipped UPS 2-Day Air, but when I checked with the tracking number on UPS' website, it listed the shipping service as UPS Ground, a service that takes 7-13 days to get a package from FL to my location. The package did arrive eventually, on 4/16/19, 9 days after I placed my order. I do not know if this was a mistake on the part of SmarterPhone or UPS, but I would advise anyone interested in trying Back Market not to put too much weight on the shipping times.

Jack W. - 03/04/19


So far so

Tom N. - 03/04/19


great product, great price

Joseph F. - 02/04/19


Great so far! I didn't want a new iphone because they got rid of the headphone jack. Seriously, I may be switching to Android once I run this phone out. My one complaint is that I saw in the settings that the battery power is only at 88% ... meaning this battery is not new; which is expected but was hoping it would be a bit over that. Maybe expose that information to your customers in the future. And I wasn't aware it wouldn't come with headphones.

Patricia M. - 01/04/19


The phone was just as expected and worked great.

Charles K. - 31/03/19


So far, so good! Very happy with my purchase. Appearance much better than expected. I will definitely purchased more products in the future. Thanks!

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