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Your Next Laptop?

5 Best Cheap Laptops Under $100

Did somebody say, "Refurbished Laptop Deals?" Yup, we heard you…

Refurbished Dell laptops

Do you need a refurbished Dell laptop for work? Think Back Market!

Are you an advocate for Dell laptops, but the price can be something of a sticking point? Consider a certified pre-owned Dell laptop from Back Market. Refined to a high standard, it’s the best way to get Dell’s market-leading technology for a low cost.

Refurbished Dell laptops: Dell expertise for a low price

Are you ready to upgrade your laptop? Why not choose a cheap Dell Laptop, refurbished to a high standard by Back Market professionals? We have laptops from all the household names, including the Dell Latitude that’s perfect for the office, the Dell Inspiron that’s a solid entry-level laptop, and AlienWare laptops that are most popular among gamers. And of course, thanks to Back Market, you can enjoy amazing discounts of up to 70% on some models – without compromising on quality.

Refurbished Dell laptops are guaranteed, functional notebook PCs

Buy a Dell laptop from Back Market to ensure your device has been thoroughly tested by an industry specialist. We check our devices against 25 performance indicators to ensure optimal operation. And if you experience any defect or failure in the future, your laptop is protected by our 12-month minimum warranty.