Used iPhone XR vs. XS: Which One is the Better Choice?

Let us help you choose between the refurbished iPhone XR and XS

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Comparing the iPhone XS vs iPhone XR

MGK or Eminem? NYC or LA? Some people think these are some of the biggest rivalries in the United States, but here at Back Market, we argue about other topics—like whether the used & refurbished iPhone XS is a better phone than the used & refurbished iPhone XR :D

With any refurbished iPhone—or any product in general—it usually comes down to which product is a better fit for you. Keep reading to find out which phone wins our iPhone XS vs XR comparison. You don't even have to wait for any Black Friday deals, because we have great deals for all iPhones all year long. :)

Want a tool that lets you compare iPhones side-by-side? This is especially for those that want a specs breakdown of the iPhone XS vs XR.

Camera quality: iPhone XS vs XR

So when it comes to which one has a better camera, it should be obvious that the more expensive iPhone will probably be the better performer. And it is. The camera on the XS has more features—one of them being multiple lenses to change focal lengths.

When both of these phones were released in 2018, the XS was significantly more expensive—$999 for the base version versus $749 for the XR. Even though $999 is a lot for a phone, photography with the XS was industry-leading back in 2018. Despite the incredible camera performance, though, not everybody could validate paying over $1000 for a phone.

But now thanks to Back Market, you don’t have to pay this much for a refurbished iPhone XS. As a matter of fact, the price gap between a used iPhone XR vs XS has significantly decreased. At the time of writing this, you could get both refurbished iPhones for under $400 on Back Market. And because the two are so similar in terms of price, we think the iPhone XS is the clear winner in this category.

Battery life and performance: Is the iPhone XS or XR better?

Since both of these phones have the same Apple A12 Bionic chip inside, you can expect the same performance and speed from both. Battery life, however, is another story.

Since the iPhone XR is bigger, it’s able to house a slightly larger battery. The difference won’t be huge, but you can get an extra couple of hours of use from the refurbished iPhone XR. So if you’re a heavy user that spends a lot of time on your phone, the used XR wins this category.

Screen quality/user experience

The refurbished iPhone XS has a better screen because of the fact it uses newer OLED technology in its display. We’re not going to get into what exactly this means, but colors will look slightly more vibrant on the used XS. What’s even more interesting, though, is the fact that the XS feels better in the hand. Apple got the dimensions of this phone just right, this really is the perfect size for an iPhone. It’s easy to use one-handed, it fits nicely into pockets, and it’s easy to grip so you don’t drop it. That being said, the XR has a slightly larger screen, which makes it a better choice for a heavy user that watches a lot of videos or read lots of content on their phone.

Our winner for the iPhone XS vs XR comparison

Although this is just our opinion, we would choose the iPhone XS over the iPhone XR. It’s honestly such a steal at under $400, and feels like a more premium device when compared to the XR thanks to its build and additional features. If you care about value for money and want one of the best used iPhones, the refurbished iPhone XS is your perfect match. But no matter which iPhone you choose, you can find great deals for the iPhone on Black Friday and on every other day here at Back Market!

Even though the XS is the winner of our iPhone XS vs XR comparison, the XR still has more battery life and a bigger screen, so depending on your needs, the XR may still be a better choice!

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