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Christmas Gift For Boy

Our very best refurbished Christmas Gift For Boy:

Apple AirPods Pro - White
51% less than brand new
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Fair
Refurbished tech can help reduce e-waste, more than you think.

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Christmas gift for boys

Discover our Christmas gift suggestions for a boy

Whether it's for your son, nephew or grandson, finding a good Christmas present for a boy does not always come naturally. No matter how much you wrack your brain, nothing suitable comes to your mind. Well don’t worry, because Back Market has done all the hard work for you to help you find the perfect Christmas presents.

Our most popular gift categories:

Find a Christmas present for a gamer boy

When we ponder "Christmas gifts for boys", we almost automatically think "video games". If you’re looking for a gift to suit a young gamer, there are plenty of options. For those boys 6 years and up, you might want to buy him his first console. Whether that’s a refurbished PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch console, they all have age appropriate games suitable for him to play. Or if you want a console more conducive to sharing with the whole family, a refurbished Nintendo Wii is a great option for some raucous family times. If you need to find a Christmas present for a boy who already has a console, a new refurbished game, accessory or gaming headset are other great gift ideas for boys.

A refurbished drone is a great gift for teens

Teens love drones, and it’s fast becoming one of their favorite hobbies. So don’t miss out! Get in on the action and buy them one of these small flying devices that are super fun to play with. Right now you can get a refurbished drone for around $100, so your teen can get to grips with this exciting new world of play and master the basics. If the teen you need to buy for has already had plenty of flying practice, you might want to upgrade their drone to a refurbished drone equipped with video sensors.

Refurbished hoverboards and scooters are the new modes of travel for teens

Why walk when you can glide around on a refurbished hoverboard or scooter? These two accessories are essential Christmas gifts for boys over 12 these days. With two parallel wheels and steering without a handheld wheel, the hoverboard is a futuristic means of getting from place to place – making every journey fun! A refurbished electric scooter is also a popular choice among young boys.

When you take a closer look, finding a Christmas present for a boy is actually pretty simple! Safe bets are on a classic video game option or one of the latest trendy accessories. Job done.