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Christmas gifts for children

Discover our Christmas gift ideas for kids

Does the thought of running from shop to shop in search of the perfect gift, waiting in line at overcrowded shops and trying to choose between two colorful toys fill you with dread? We completely understand. Especially since toys do not always make the best gifts these days. In fact, young and old people alike are dreaming of new technologies and smart objects for their everyday lives. Which is why you should shop at Back Market, where we have unbeatable prices on several hundred refurbished products.

Our most popular gift categories:

Which Christmas gift for children between three and five years old?

Your daughter and son are no longer babies, and are probably already pretty interested in technological toys. With many devices suitable for children ages three years and up, a refurbished tablet is a great gift idea, especially for beginners. Both playful and educational, these tablets encourage kids to develop their numeracy skills and learn to recognize shapes and colors (for the little ones). Easy to use and durable, these devices can be put into the hands of all children without fear, and many children are adding such a device to their Christmas wish lists. If you head over to the Back Market website, you’ll find some of these devices on offer for as little as 100 dollars.

Another great idea for a Christmas gift for a child is a refurbished karaoke player. Thanks to the integrated CD player and microphone accessories, they’ll be able to sing solo or as a duet with friends to put on an impressive show for you. They’ll love singing along to their favorite songs time and time again. Just make sure you buy a CD or two with the player itself – so they can start enjoying their new gift straight away.

Which Christmas gift for children between five and ten years old?

Refurbished drones, remote-controlled vehicles and helicopters are all of interest to the older kids. No longer just for adults and experienced drivers, these easy-to-maneuver models are now available for kids and teens. Connected or remotely controlled, there are many models available at a range of different prices. From the simplest refurbished models retailing for around fifty dollars on Back Market through to sophisticated models going for several hundred dollars, you’ll find the perfect Christmas gift for children in no time.

You can also use the holiday season to gift children their first refurbished smartphone or refurbished tablet. Used for keeping in touch with your child while they’re at school or during holidays, the smartphone is now an essential item for primary age children and up. And as for the tablet, this is also a way to ensure you get exclusive use of your own tablet and prevent sibling rivalry! You might also consider buying them a refurbished electric scooter – a current best-seller for children's Christmas presents.

So there you have it, plenty of ways to get the perfect Christmas present for your children without breaking the bank. All you have to do is choose the product that matches their interests the best.