3 Things to Remember: Buying a Refurbished MacBook Pro

3 top tips for buying a refurbished MacBook Pro

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3 Tips for Buying a Used or Refurbished MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro laptop is the most powerful option that Apple has for laptop computers.  It’s considered to be on the higher-end of quality and functionality, with a wide variety of purposes and options for users. When it comes to picking out a MacBook Pro, here are three tips to keep in mind to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. For example to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro, instead of waiting for MacBook Pro Black Friday deals!

1. What Processor do You Need in Your Used MacBook?

The refurbished MacBook Pro is a computer that lets the buyer get the ultimate in computer processing and software. While that means that it might be more expensive than some other laptop options, it is also a high-end laptop with considerable processing power and great software in the form of Mac OS.

As you begin to set a budget for yourself and what laptop you want, consider that the MacBook Pro refurbished can cost anywhere from $300 to over $2500.  The range in price is huge, but so is the range of capabilities for those devices. One of the biggest factors in price is the processor. 

For example, the processors for MacBook Pros are available in Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9.  While the Core i5 processor of a 2015 device doesn’t compare to the Core i5 processor on a 2020 device, it does speak to the general capabilities of each device within its year of release.  Similarly, a 2019 device with Core i5 is going to be a more powerful computer than a 2013 Core i7, simply because of the advancements in technology between years and processors.  

The prices for each of these processors range significantly, with the Core i5 being on the lower end and the Core i9 being the higher priced variant, when produced within the same year. If you’re working with videos and editing, you might want to consider the i7. If you’re heavily into video editing and programming, the i9 might be the best choice.  If you use your laptop for more basic and everyday purposes, the Core i5 should be enough for you.

2. What Screen Dimensions Do You Want in Your Refurbished MacBook?

This might seem like too simple of a step, but it helps significantly with the elimination process and narrowing down the perfect laptop for each buyer.

Start this process with size, as the MacBook Pro is available in 13.3 inch displays, 15.4 inch displays, and 16 inch displays. If you need to have multiple tabs open or view videos or larger documents, the 15.4 or 16 inch displays might be ideal. If you need something smaller and more compact for travel, the 13.3 inch display should be fine.

With Apple’s MacBook Pros, the Retina display consistently keeps their pixel density at 300+ pixels per square inch, meaning while the display sizes might vary, the quality of the screen remains consistent between the models. The resolution will be sharp and clear regardless of which dimensions you prefer, but the question becomes how much screen do you need to work with?

3. Get a Refurbished MacBook with Plenty of Storage and Memory

The MacBook Pro also has range with regards to the storage space and memory. The storage space comes with anywhere from 128GB to 8TB(!). While 128GB might be low, if you already have an external hard drive, or rarely save documents on the laptop itself, that might not be an issue. Typically, average users invest in laptops with about 250GB, when the laptop is not purchased for a specific purpose requiring more space.

Additionally, the RAM typically ranges anywhere from 4GB to 16GB, directly impacting how many programs can run simultaneously and at what speed. Again, consider what uses you have for the laptop prior to making a decision. The average user of a refurbished MacBook Pro would likely consider 8GB memory to be sufficient.

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